Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm back! Vacation Haul.

I am BACK!!! I am sorry for the lack of posting but my laptop would not cooperate and Internet wasn't the best. I fully intended on blogging each day but we spent a lot of time in the car exploring which left me with NO Internet at all. It was a great trip, beautiful wedding and a wonderful get away. I am still tired and very much not in the swing of things yet but I am getting there.

I loved the bouquet and wanted to bring it home but this is how he looked Sunday afternoon. Parched! I didn't know how well it would go through the trip back to Florida and it was already wilting so I left him behind :( So pretty though.

I managed to stop at every pharmacy I could lol. We don't have Kerr Pharmacy (or is it Kerr Drugs?) here so I was all over that place! It helped that I really had to stop for a bathroom break so that was my main excuse. The bf knew I wanted to check out the polish though lol. This is what my zip lock bag looked like on the flight home. I was really really really nervous that security would have an issue with all the polish but they didn't say a word to me. DARN IT, I could have bought more!

I hit up the Kerr and then Rite Aid and a Sally's and Walgreens. I also checked out some other stores but they didn't have anything so they don't get to be mentioned lol. It was actually cold for this Florida girl so we ended up having to hunt all over town for sweatshirts. Apparently no one has jackets and sweatshirts this time of year. Luckily Walmart had some on clearance (thank goodness for the local college apparel that didn't sell during the winter). So my vacation haul was Sinful Colors Innocent, Wet N Wild Sunburst (the rest of the display was out) CQ Tahitian Green and Golden Green (wish I could have gotten more of these since we don't have em here), Milani Bolting Blue, Orly Pink Whisper, To Have and To Hold and Honeymoon in Style (Sally's Clearance) and Chameleon Calypso (never heard of this one before but it was pretty).

Part of the gift the bride gave me. A Glow in the Dark pink glitter from Hot Topic, Nerds Grape scented nail polish and Vanilla scented Nail Polish remover pads. Super sweet of her :)

I found this old Sally Hansen polish when I was looking for my brush in the car a while back. I just threw it in my purse this morning. I apparently took the labels off of it for some unknown reason. I have no idea how long it has been there but it has been there for quite awhile.

That's my vacation haul. I also found a LUSH store and picked up a Lemony Flutter cuticle butter so we will see if that stuff can get these cuticles in shape. My nails have spent the past couple days naked. Traveling is not good for manis or nails in general! I wore Teenage Dream for the wedding because I was running out of time to do what I wanted. Unfortunately it was all chipped and looked horrible by the time I got back to the hotel and was ready to take pictures of it.

Now that I am back we are back on track for posting. Next trip I take (we have a Disney trip coming up) I will be prepared on the posting front.

That's all for now :)


  1. PS The Sally Hansen bottle looks a lot like Endless Night....I picked it up about a month ago at Dollar Tree

  2. Oh cool thanks! I had no idea what it was lol I wonder how long it has been in there


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