Monday, April 25, 2011

Box Full o Fun and Kitty Update

I have been waiting to share the pictures of my big box of fun! My dear friend Silke sent me this awesome package and I have been dying to share it. It is so awesome I had no idea where to even start. THANK YOU SILKE! It was in part a housewarming box for my new blog. She is awesome! There was also some chocolate and Stroopwafels (the best thing ever) involved but I didn't include those pictures in this post, I will add them to another one though.

My eyes bugged out and my jaw dropped when I opened the box! Look at all the beauties.

The Sally Hansen Insta Dri I was trying as a top coat and some how jumped into the box when I was moving it.

Essence Blossoms in I Like, A Hint of Mint, Bloom-A-Loom, My Yellow Fellow and Forget-Me-Not.

Essence Can't Cheat on Me, Where is the Party, Mystic Mermaid, Cool and the Gang and You're a Gold Mine.

Catherine Arley 803,806, 676 and 667.

Teeez Outta Control and Cool.

Catrice Pool Party at Night and Miracle Heaven.

P2 Crackling in Golden Rush and Silver Blast.

P2 in Jetset, Electric and Rebel.

Golden Rose 13 (I think) and ArtDeco 236.

I found nail tips on clearance at Sally's for $1.49 so I bought a couple boxes and some sticks to make swatchscicles. So far I have gotten as far as this box lol. I glued a hundred of them though so I am ready to swatch some more soon.

My Easter rainbow cupcakes. They were yummy.

And little kitty! He went to the doctor and is about 3 weeks old. His eyes are really blue but the color didn't show up in the pictures. He had worms but not a flea on him. We tried giving him kitten formula but he refused to eat. Opened a can of cat food and the boy chowed down. He is teeny tiny but the doc says he is really healthy and lucky.

So the plan now is to go through the box of goodies! I am going to start with the Blossoms because it is Springy and Eastery and well because I say so lol. I haven't really planned past that though lol. We are going to Disney next weekend so I am thinking maybe a holo for that :) Not sure yet. I will figure it out, I should probably worry about the hotel and rental car first though lol. Oh yeah and the stupid dentist.

That's all for now :)


  1. The swatchcicles are great! It's such a funny little kitty:)

  2. The kitty is starting to play now so he is even more funny. Not so funny when he meows non stop at 1:30 am. I think I like the swatchsicles for now hehe


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