Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sparkly Goblin Snot

Happy Wednesday! I wish it was Friday! I really do, I know I just came back from a vacation but I am totally not prepared to be at work yet. I always feel like I need a vacation from a vacation. I also have a slight headache today so here's to hoping that goes away soon.

Today's disaster is a Love & Beauty polish I found at Forever 21. I don't shop there but had to run in and grab some polish when I discovered they had some nice polishes. They have absolutely no naming skills what so ever and this polish is called Light Green. Yup, that's it. I took the liberty of renaming it for them: Sparkly Goblin Snot! That to me is what this polish looks like. I LOVE it in the bottle, it has flakies and how could anyone not love flakies! On the nail, not so much.

Left is outside in the light of day (there isn't much sun today) and right is at my desk with flash. I didn't expect this polish to be completely sheer like it is. I don't know why because looking at the pictures now it does seem like it would be pretty sheer. Duh for me.

I put some cuticle oil on because I didn't do a great clean up job. After one coat I knew I wasn't going to really be into this mani and didn't really bother with the clean up. You will also notice some smudging because I did this on my way out the door for work. I tried the lick technique to correct the smudges which helped until I dinged it on something else. I can't win today.

This is FOUR coats! I don't do four coats, it annoys me to do so many coats and I think I could have used four more. It has awesome shimmer to it and those flakies are awesome but the sheerness kills me. I think this might work well over another color. I hope.

I just keep thinking Goblin Snot when I look at my nails. I really wish I had some black polish in my purse because I do think that it would look nice over black.

It might also look nice over white as well to bring out the color more.

I think I had this color when I was younger minus the flakies and it reminded me of slime then too. I am not really thrilled with it in macro because you can see the unevenness of the application. That was probably mostly my fault since I was rushing. You can see I had to nubbinize after my vacation. Hopefully these garlic growing nail polishes make these babies grow soon.

I also don't like that it makes my nails look dirty. I assure you there is no dirt under my finger nails but it sure does look it in these pictures. Not digging the visible nail line either. I really like this color and I am hoping that it perks up over another color. I have some of those travel nail polish remover pads in my purse and I am tempted to take this off and scour the purse for something different. I mostly cleaned it out though so there isn't much to choose from in there.

Oh yes, I wanted to post a picture of the difference in size between Burt's Bees Cuticle tin and Lemony Flutter. I posted it on MUA for someone so I figured mind as well document it on the blog too. I am really loving the flutter but I am sure it is too early to tell if it is making a difference.

That's all for now :)

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