Saturday, April 30, 2011


This should be posted Saturday morning when I will be at DISNEYWORLD!!! I am super excited! I wanted to make sure I got a post for ya'll so I am writing this today for tomorrow :)

I think I am over excited today! I just noticed someone on the nail board mention Transdesign had the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection up already but a couple of colors were already sold out. I jumped on the site as fast as possible and started loading up my cart. I actually went from wanting the whole collection down to wanting three. I was on the fence with Silver Shatter since I have the P2 silver one. I put 2 each of the Shatter, Planks A Lot and Skull and Glossbones in my cart (one each for a friend) and was going to check out shipping costs and accidentally checked all the way out. OOPS! Funny part is I texted the bf and told him I accidentally ordered some nail polishes. I really didn't intend on ordering anything until after the weekend trip but like I said, apparently got click happy. He responded with how do you accidentally order nail polish? Ummm yeah, I am guessing he doesn't think it is too much of an accident. lol. Honestly though, I didn't mean to check out yet, there were a few other things I was going to buy too lol.

This last polish from the Essence Blossoms etc collection is quite possibly my favorite. It is the blue, purple, periwinkle type color on the far right. Forget-Me-Not. It is really purple inside right now but much more periwinkle out in the light.

It is on the far left in the swatchscicle picture.

You can see the shimmer on this one in the light but right now at my desk it looks like a creme. No shimmer shows in here. Of course it also looks WAY purple in here too so I don't know.

This was the best application wise. It was perfect. I used two coats and didn't even think about my thinner once.

It is pretty bright and also reminds me of Easter eggs. I am hungry too, I wish I had some.

I loved all the colors in this collection and can't wait to try a rainbow with all of them. I wanted to do it this weekend but since I haven't tried sponging yet and I will be in a hotel I figure it will have to wait.

I went to Sally's last night to check out the China Glaze Island Escape and Orly Pin Up collections. Surprisingly they had both and even more surprisingly I walked out with nothing from either. Instead I found these earrings that I have always liked. I bought them lol. I used to have tons of earrings but have no clue where any of them went. I stopped wearing earrings for awhile and the bf got me a pair that I wore for a couple hours before they started to irritate my ears. I decided to wear the little studs that I still had from when I got my ears pierced (I was maybe 5) and couldn't wear fake jewelry. Since my ears have gotten used to earrings again I figured what the hay I will grab these.

I love them! They are awesome sparkly color changing golf balls!

And Kitty the maniac says HI! He was just running all over my desk attacking everything from my cup of pens to the radio. He is hyper now. He is my little cuddle buddy and it is going to be hard to let him go. I haven't found him a home yet and I refuse to send him to a shelter.

That's all for now :)


  1. Such a pretty color! Hope you had a great time at WDW--but how could you not? :)

  2. Thanks Karen! We had a great time! I am super tired and trying to catch up on everything so I can post some pictures.


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