Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Like Essence Blossoms I Like!

Tuesday!! After the manic Monday I was hoping it wouldn't be a terrible Tuesday. So far only minor issues. I am happy to report that little kitty is doing very well. We tried and tried and tried to get him to eat the dang kitty formula we got and the little brat refused. Accidentally the bf dropped a crumb of cake near the kitty and he devoured it so I ran up to Walgreens and picked up a can of cat food (and some Sinful polishes lol) and he tore right through it! I guess living on the street he had to learn to eat quick! He uses the litter box we got him (thank goodness) and has an occasional issue with stepping in it but it is working well.

He slept through the night until the bf had to get up for work and then decided he wanted to be held. Every time I put him back in his box he meowed. Finally I gave up and just let him lay on my chest. Before anyone freaks out I am a super light sleeper and knowing the little guy was laying with me it was more of a dozing off than anything. He laid on my arm and got angry when I picked him up hence waking him up to turn over because my arm fell asleep or something. He meows when he wants food and is a very sweet little boy. (cute kitty picture at the end of the post lol)

Unfortunately we are trying to bring Max home and he decided to go on a food strike when the bf wasn't at work yesterday (it was his day off). We can't bring Max home AND keep the little kitty as much as I already love him. Hopefully we find kitty a good home soon and perhaps Max's hunger strike will help get Max into the house faster lol.

Ok now down to business. The first mani from the box full of goodness is Essence I Like.

I Like is the polish on the far left. It is a turquoisey blue green color and is gorgeous. All these polishes have a subtle shimmer to them which I love.

A quick shot of my swatchscicles. I Like is second from the right in this photo. I wish the nails were a little shorter just because it would be easier for me to polish them but I am liking the swatchscicles.

I found this polish to be a little on the thick side. I would have added thinner but didn't really want to mess with finding it. You will notice on my left hand some pink spots :/ apparently my Seche Vite was contaminated by Zoya Dannii. I am not sure if that is because Dannii was too wet still or what the deal was but my pinky especially had little clump like pieces of Dannii on it.

You can't see the shimmer too much but boy does this polish shimmer. It is a subtle shimmer but when you see it the shimmer does pop.

I didn't have very good lighting and as you can see by the bottle in the background I was still dealing with kitty so the photos were quick shots.

Very impressed that this mani managed to stay intact through a tire change and kitty rescue. I love the color too it is so springy.

A nice shot of my nails with kitty fur.

The little boy was wiped out last night after his long day. He needs another bath so he will be happy to find out that is coming tonight lol.

I know it is hard to tell in this picture but I have him at work in a box (until the bf gets off) and have the flaps up so he can't see me. If he knows I am here he wants out. I went to check on him and peeked in the box to see the little guy laying on his towel and his face was down flat on the cardboard. He was sleeping but for a moment I panicked and thought the worst. WHO SLEEPS LIKE THAT? He scared me that is for sure! I always look to make sure he is breathing (I did that when my son was a baby too lol) and was startled to find him in that strange sleeping position. Such a weird little kitty.

That's all for now :)

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