Saturday, April 16, 2011

Shades of Grey...

Today I have the first mani for Sally Hansen week. I did this whole list of what polishes I had and which day I would use which polish for what type of mani. Reality set in as soon as I went to polish my nails. I had absolutely no interest in following a list that set up my mani's randomly for the week (I can handle one day's worth but I don't like planning in advance much to the dismay of my bf) nor did I enjoy the color combinations so I shook it up a bit.

Currently my stash is mostly organized by color. I am thinking of switching it to brand but haven't decided. I am also trying to decide which method I want to use for swatching. I like the nail wheel idea but I also like the nails on Popsicle sticks but I also like some of the things I have seen on ebay. Essentially I have no idea what to do or how to organize everything. Since I didn't want to look through all the different boxes I just grabbed one and decided I would go with whatever was in there. I only had three Sally Hansen's in that box so it worked out well. I did stick with the randomly chosen dot mani so at least I didn't make the random list for nothing.

I used SH Xtreme Wear Grey Area as my base. The first coat was pretty streaky and thin so I used a thick second coat to even it all out.

The colors I used for the dots were SH Crystal Chrome Nail Makeup in Chrome Crystal and SH Diamond Strength Black Diamond. I don't know how long I have had Chrome Crystal but I love this polish. I wish I had more of them. I am pretty sure I had other colors and purged them. Yes, that thud is me kicking myself.

Oh macro how you embarrass me. The mani doesn't look this wonky around the cuticles in real life but macro likes to display my mistakes.

I don't have dotting tools yet so I used a pen. First I tried the pointy side of an orange stick thing but that failed. The first two nails I did look a little different because of that.

I love dot manis.

Since I have chips in the mani I am going to change this mani out before the concert but to save on time (something I am running short on right now) I am going to use Chrome Crystal and Black Diamond for a gradient. I am hoping it works, I think it will. Maybe. I guess we will see :) The oddest thing happened with my thumb nail this morning. I got a huge chip on the side of it and then realized that it was actually only the top coat that chipped. I of course had to peel off more of the top coat but the polish under it is perfectly fine. I don't think that is normally supposed to happen. I am some chipping going on though I am not sure why. I did get up early to take one of the greyhounds out to the Seafood Festival on the beach. Hopefully one of them will get adopted soon. I don't think I did anything to warrant the chipping but who knows. At least it doesn't make me feel too guilty about changing my mani already lol.

That's all for now :)


  1. Nice mani! I hear you on kicking yourself--I got rid of SH Prisms and Revlon SWs and all sorts of stuff when I was keeping my stash small.

  2. Thanks Karen! Aw man to think of all the gems we had and purged. I am afraid to get rid of anything now for fear of future regret lol


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