Monday, April 4, 2011

Custom Kicks

My Monday mani didn't last but a few hours. I found a chip this morning when I was drying my hair and my nail snagged on my towel. It showed me a nice little nail peel. By lunchtime I had more chipping on another nail and my thumb nail had a nice little split in the side of it. I nubbinized my thumb and middle finger but my nails like to play games with me and I anticipate the rest slowly breaking over the week. As I type this five of my ten fingers has quite a significant percentage of polish missing. It is driving me nuts! One day I will learn to bring remover to work!

The momentary mani was China Glaze Custom Kicks. I purchased this baby from a blog sale. It is a nice turquoise color with a ton of gold shimmer. The turquoise is bright but dusty at the same time if that makes sense. Oddly I looked at the back of one of the polish chips that has peeled right off my nail and it is very yellow green back there. My thumbs (the polish has decided it doesn't want to play with them anymore) are showing some yellowing but my other fingers are not. I can't say for sure if this one stains (half of my nails are still polished) yet but I thought the other fingers were showing a little yellow at first too.

The formula on this one was great. I love China Glaze polishes. It went on smooth without any issues. I used two coats to even everything out and had no problems with application.

The pictures were taken in the car so they are in sunlight. The picture above is in direct sunlight while the other is in a shadow. The polish looks on the green side to me especially when I look at it real close.

Hopefully next time I wear this polish it stays on for longer than it did today.

This is a picture at my desk. That is pretty close to the true color of the polish. I wish I could capture the gold shimmer a little better.

This is the nail that started all the trouble. I really wanted to use this picture to show the difference in color of the polish. You can kind of see the green/yellow hue in the middle of the pinky and index nail. If you look closely at the middle finger nail (sorry about the ugly macro cuticles) you can see where the chip pulled off some of the top coat. Under the top coat the polish is much more blue. I really like that particular color. You can also see where my nail is yellowed a little bit. This polish is an interesting color and this last picture is most accurate to what it looked like on me.

Adding to my day my boss thought it was funny to ask what airline I am flying and when I responded with Southwest he said never mind. About two minutes later he thought he needed to tell me about the plane that had a five foot hole ripped out of it in flight. He knows that I don't watch the news (because of things like this) and the man also knows I am terrified of flying. Apparently he thought it was funny to talk about it for the rest of the afternoon. I texted my brother immediately (he works for Southwest) and he basically just laughed at the whole situation. Needless to say I was almost in tears.

No surprise that after that whole ordeal one by one my nails broke. I was not in the mood to deal with them so I filed them down to nubs. Unfortunately I will be sporting nubs until they grow out (and decide to break again). I am running out of ideas of what to do to keep these nails happy and cooperative. I was thinking of trying Essie Feed Me.

That's all for now :)

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