Friday, April 15, 2011

Not so Blueberry Crushed Candy time

Happy FRIDAY!!! I am so excited because today is FRIDAY! Doesn't hurt that it is also payday but mostly it is FRIDAY! Sadly I still have to get up early tomorrow. At least it isn't early for work though. We are taking one of the greyhounds to the Seafood Festival to hopefully find someone who is interested in adopting him. I am excited, I hate seafood but I get to spend some time with one of the furry babies. We are also going to the Iron Maiden concert tomorrow night so I have to think of a good mani for that.

Last night the bf decided to finally give me his tax info so I could do his taxes. Apparently I missed the memo where the 18th is actual tax day this year so I was a little stressed doing the taxes. I am no accountant but I can handle taxes unlike him. Fortunately I finished them and submitted them but didn't have time to redo my nails. A quick and interesting fix to make the mani new is China Glaze Crushed Candy.

Yesterday's mani was Revlon Not So Blueberry. I can still smell the "blueberry" smell even after top coat, a coat of Crushed Candy and another top coat. I have to give Revlon some credit there, their scented nail polish sure does stay scented.

My first choice for crackle was actually Cracked Concrete but I couldn't find it this morning and Crushed Candy was waiting right on top of the box so I just went with it.


I used thicker coats on my left hand and a little bit thinner coats on my right. It wasn't on purpose lol. The inside neck of my bottle had some polish that is getting clumpy I am assuming from the exposure to air while I am polishing. It annoys me. I am not sure if I should try and clean it with a qtip or what to do with it. 

This blue and purple combination was my favorite when I was a kid. I wanted everything I owned to be this color combo. I believe I found a backpack with that color combination and HAD to have it.

For some reason the middle finger didn't crack as much. I think crackles or shatters or whatever name you want to call them tend to be a little temper mental at times. Mine seem to be anyway.

I am hoping this mani lasts the rest of the day. Right now both index fingers have chips and the corner of my thumb is begging to chip. The polish is lifting from a small chip on the thumb. I also just noticed a couple more chips. Apparently this mani is not keen on sticking around too long.

I feel like using yesterday's mani is kind of cheating so today I will post another post. It won't be a mani post but it will have pictures and pictures are good :)

That's all for now :)

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