Saturday, August 13, 2011

It's Always About the Blue-eyed Girls!

Hey Everyone! Hope your weekend is going well. I have already had one heck of a morning. Got up earlier than I wanted to so we could go get the bf's daughter's haircut by his coworker. We had to be there real early before the kennel opens to the public. The cut is pretty cute but she is totally not thrilled with it because it is pretty short. It is a short wedge type style or so the lady told me lol. She hates taking care of her hair so now she doesn't have much to deal with though she is less than thrilled. Then we tried to go to both the school uniform store and the mall but the lines were insanely long just to get inside so we nixed that idea. The line at the mall was for something specific but I didn't realize it at the time and I have no idea what it was for. After all that we had to go to my son's school for orientation and picking up the schedule. I endured over an hour of bi lingual stupidness for absolutely nothing because they ended up not giving out the schedule and repeating the same things they tell you at every orientation and every open house and every school event. I am quite pissed off about wasting all that time for nothing and even more upset that they didn't have the schedules for the kids. That is the only reason we went. I could rant much further about the whole situation but I will spare you. lol

I LOVE today's polish HOWEVER I am not thrilled with the name. Today I have Kleancolor Blue-eyed Girl to show you. I was born with brown eyes. Obviously I have always had them and I got them from my mother. My father has blue eyes and both of my brothers have blue eyes. For my entire life I have heard my father say how he wanted a daughter with brown hair and blue eyes. I once knew a girl with LONG brown hair and gorgeous blue eyes and he would always say how I was supposed to have the blue eyes. I have always been annoyed with the constant emphasis on blue eyes so the name of this polish almost made me avoid it. Silly but true.

I could not possibly resist this though! Look at the gorgeousness of it.

I did two coats for this mani because I was feeling sick and getting highly annoyed with the glitter. The application was fine but the glitter wanted to either hang off of my nail edge or it would get too close to my cuticle and cling to it.

It looks pretty uneven and patchy but it didn't look horrible in real life. The flash kept going off because it was cloudy out which is why it looks patchy.

The glitter is so abundant that it didn't have to be coaxed out of the bottle but it was not by any means even. Sometimes just a few pieces would come out and other times a ton came out.

It looked like this without the flash and most of the time.

More flash pictures.

You can see how much better it looks when the flash doesn't hit it.

Now if they would make a super cool Brown-eyed Girl polish I would be happy! At least I have a song though lol.

That's all for now :)


  1. Thanks Sarah! OOOH I just realized you have a blog, I must go check it out now :)


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