Monday, August 1, 2011

Layla Turquoise Wave

Hey Everyone! This is a bit late because Mr. Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior took a misstep in the litter box and needed his feet cleaned. I had the unfortunate pleasure of giving the brat a bath. Usually he is a pretty good bath taker with only a little bit of resistance but tonight he wanted no part of it. He managed to scratch the crap out of my arm and bruise me as well scratching the crap out of my eye. After cleaning the cat, medicating my eye and all that fun stuff I realized the computer was stolen for a few rounds of spider solitaire. lol. BUT I have it back now and here we go.

Today I have a Layla Magneffect polish for you. I found this in the special Walgreens that has huge amounts of OPI and various other cool things that normal stores don't have. I intended on checking the price but wasn't paying much attention and bought it before realizing it was $11.99. A bit high for my liking and I contemplated returning it because I felt it was more expensive than I could justify. I finally decided to keep it and I am so glad I did. I took a ton of pictures for you because it is THAT awesome.

Layla Magneffect in Turquoise Wave. This baby is a gorgeous.

The magnet for these polishes is actually on the cap. THIS is the only issue I have with this polish. It made it somewhat of a pain to work with because of the placement. You either have to apply a coat then put the cap back on the bottle to turn the bottle over and use the magnet OR turn the cap over and let the polish drip down the brush. I guess you could pry the magnet off and put it somewhere else but with my luck I would lose it.

I held the magnet a different way for each nail so I could see the different patterns it could create. You are pretty much stuck with lines either horizontal,vertical or diagonal. The other issue is the line that runs between the two half circle magnets. I think it makes a little gap in the design which I didn't like. It is hard enough to work with magnets since they don't curve with the nail but the gap in my opinion creates more space than need be on the nail.

The result is gorgeous though. In real life when you move your nails it seems to move with you. If you have ever seen cat eye beads it does the exact same thing as the beads. It is really gorgeous.

Each nail was one coat then magnetized. I messed up on one of my pinkies because I touched the magnet to the nail. That pinkie was redone by putting another coat on. If you apply another coat it erases the pattern and you just start over.

I absolutely LOVE this polish and went back to buy another one but chickened out at the last minute. I really want more of these but like I said at $11.99 it hurts a little more. Can you tell I don't have many of the more expensive brand polishes in my collection?

I looked these up online to see if there was an etailer that sells them and according to they were released nationally on 7/31/11. carries them for $13.50 each. I have never shopped with them so I have no personal experience with their service. These polishes might start to pop up elsewhere soon.

There are 12 colors in the line.

Layla is an Italian company coming from Milan. Considering it is an Italian polish and Walgreens has it cheaper than online I think I just talked myself into running out and getting more lol.

I could rave about this polish all night but I think a cookie and drink are in order after the evil bath experience.

That's all for now :)


  1. You got this at Walgreens? I need a Walgreens like that! Or maybe, looking at the size of my stash, it's just as well that I don't. :)

    And tell Mr. Bruce he needs to behave himself--all that brusing you and scratching is conduct unbecoming. Oh wait, I guess he probably knows that that already and does it anyway, being a cat.

  2. Yes I actually got this at Walgreens. It is a special Walgreens that has cool things like this but rarely has the normal displays. I thought it was funny that a couple of the blogs I have seen reporting from Cosmoprof mentioned these polishes.

    Mr.Bruce was so funny last night. He knew I was not happy with him and he came up to me later and kissed me and was being all sweet. The bf said he was apologizing because he didn't mean to hurt me. I still have scratches and bruises and my eye hurts like heck but at least he apologized :)

  3. That's a gorgeous magnetic polish. Way better than Essence magnetics!

    Oh Brucie Beeebie must behave!!! Your poor eye. I have some nice scratches on my leg because the kitties like to attack me when I'm "surfing" the internet;) The scratches are a nice contrast to the "spider veins". It's actually very navylike, red scratches, white legs and blue spider veins;)

  4. I bet if Essence did some colors they would be nice but they stay with metal like colors. I visited the display again today but didn't buy any. I need to win the lottery so I can buy them all.

    In Bruce's defense he was already not happy because Chris wouldn't put him down because his feet were dirty. By the time I got him near the tub he was already angry. You are so funny! These little kitten claws are killer though! My mother keeps whispering declaw declaw but I think that is mean.

  5. No, no don't declaw!!!! They need their claws and when they grew up they don't use their claws on you anymore;)

  6. Don't worry I am opposed to declawing. I think it is mean and I read up on it and it is not friendly for the poor kitties.

  7. Oh dear! You need cookies, drinks, AND polish! Naughty Bruce! Do you clip his claws?

  8. Poor Bruce, he has been so nice since the attempt to rip my eyelid off. I am going to start clipping his claws now, well I should say attempt. I am afraid he won't sit still and allow it though. I will probably need more neosporin, cookies, drinks and nail polish after that one.


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