Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I have not forgotten

Hey Everyone!!!

I have not forgotten you all :) I have had a very busy few days and things don't seem to be settling down. I had two failed manis over the weekend. I had two football drafts this weekend. Yesterday I had a monster dentist appointment. I had cancelled the last one and then last night I had to take care of some school stuff for the boy. Tonight is a band parents meeting. I will try and get a post up tonight but if not there will definitely be one up tomorrow. Things will hopefully be getting back to normal soon but I have a feeling this school year is going to make me crazy. If it is not one thing it is the next and now it is science class. yay.

I have not had much luck with my manis since Saturday either. One was downright ugly and yesterday's was awesome but it peeled off in sheets on my thumbs and my other nails were chipped to hell before noon. I was not a happy camper. Today I went out naked because I was going to stop and get a new treatment since Nail Quencher is making my nails peel to hell. I then realized I have no time to do my nails before the meeting and they are STAINED!!!! I cleaned out my purse last night and now there is no polish laying in there so I stopped at CVS and grabbed NYC Screensteler Grey. Eh, I am not impressed. At least they aren't naked and stained.

So today I don't have much for you, I don't even have a Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior picture for you. :( Sorry. He is actually lucky to still have a home. He jumped on the bf's head and bit his ear yesterday when he was sleeping. When Bruce says it is time to wake up he means business! There was blood all over because apparently ears bleed a lot. This morning though he has been a little angel. I think he knows he is in trouble lol.

So that is all for now :) Hopefully I will have more for you later :)


  1. Denise I wish he would answer this! He can be so bad one minute then he will be the sweetest thing. I keep reminding myself he is still a baby and doesn't know that biting feet/ears/noses/hands is frowned upon.


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