Thursday, August 25, 2011

Anyone Need a Notebook?

Hey Everyone! IT IS EARLY!!! Wooo hooo! It has been a hell of a day. Work was not my friend and the bf had a bad toothache and came home from work early. Unfortunately he was up ALL night in pain and then took Advil PM instead of regular Advil when he came home at 8:45 this morning. He zonked out and slept all day which is fine except I didn't know if he was sleeping or what and was worried. If anyone has any home remedies for toothaches please let me know. I barely slept last night because he kept getting up and such.

No word on the school yet but today the darling son gets picked up and says his Science Current Event will probably not have a good grade. I ask him why and he said the teacher said that the VA earthquake that just happened is NOT a Science current event. o_O ?! Reeeeaaaalllllyyyyy? You know I emailed him as soon as I got home from dropping the bugger off at music school. I have a feeling this is going to be a fun year. If his writing was atrocious that is one thing but if the earth quake is not a Science current event we will be having a conversation.

Today is the last school themed mani! Aside from just being fed up with the school year already tomorrow is my fantasy football draft so I MUST do an NFL themed mani.

I really REALLY love this mani. Unfortunately it may not be as recognizable as I thought it was. Can you tell what it is?

If you guessed Composition Book or Marble notebook you are correct! My son said immediately IT IS A BOOK! I asked him what kind and he said math. Ummmm? NO

I used WNW Ebony Hates Chris and a white. I stamped the pattern with an essence plate and used the dotting tool to make the white box and writing in the box.

Even if it doesn't look like a Composition Book it looks pretty cool.

Now I am off to get ready to go pick up the child from band and do the lovely homework.

That's all for now :)


  1. That looks really cool! :) I wouldn't have guessed a composition book, but I can see it now. lol.

  2. Thanks Sarah! I know, I am not sure what would have made it easier to recognize. It worked better in my mind lol

  3. Wait, hold up! Earth science isn't science anymore?

  4. That is pretty much what I said. I am awaiting a response from his teacher. If he got a C because his writing was garbage we are ok BUT if this man tries to tell me that Earthquakes are not science it is on.


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