Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My AMAZING Nail Mail

Hey Everyone!! After feeling sick and icky for the past few days I am finally feeling ok when I have medicine in my system. It comes and goes. My mom also went to the emergency room today because she pinched her sciatic nerve. After a stressful day and not feeling well I was welcomed with a most awesome package from my most awesome friend. THANK YOU SILKE!!!

I am really surprised I didn't stab myself getting this stuff opened! I had a letter opener and was too excited to notice that I wasn't exactly handling it as recommended. Luckily I didn't stab myself and I still have all my fingers. I didn't put my Stroopwafels or the two cat toys in this picture. The Stroopwafels are buried under bubble wrap and the cat toys were immediately confiscated. All I had to do was shake the ball a couple of times and Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior was climbing his way up my leg looking for his toy. I have no idea how he knew it was for him.

Nubar Gem and Treasure.

Catrice Houston's Favorite, My Milkyway, Beam Me Scotty! and Moonlight Express from the Limited Edition Out of Space Collection. SQUEEEAL!!

Nails Inc Seven Dials and P2 XXL Grow Power (I definitely need grow power!)

Catrice Welcome to the Jungle, Enter the Undergrowth and Bird of Paradise from the Papagena Collection. Another SQUEALLLL!

Kiko 293?, Etude House WH004? (I think those are the numbers) and BB Couture Signs of Spring. Extremely High Pitch Squeals!

OPI Merry Midnight and DS Signature. Now I am just dancing in my chair!

Essence image plate  02 Style it Up and Jessica Nourish Cuticle Formula.

OH MY GOSH I am excited! I don't even care that my head feels like it is going to explode anymore!

My brother was watching me open this package and laughed at me for smelling the cat toys. I don't know why, that is not weird is it? I just wanted to know what it was that caught his attention so much lol.

Here is Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior with his mouse toy that he grabbed and ran. I couldn't get a picture of him with his new ball. It was impossible.

Here is Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior resting after playing with his new toys. He still has his eye on the ball though.

Silke you are an AMAZING friend and you totally made my night! THANK YOU!!! HUGE HUGS :)


  1. I'm not judging. I tried catnip once

  2. lol, hmm how was it? I always wonder what it tastes like...

  3. It didn't work. I was sad. (This was awesome mail, BTW.) Catnip is actually an herb in the mint family.
    I love the last pic. You can tell by his ears he's had the crazy time.

  4. Awww. lol well I don't think I will be trying it then hehe.
    Yes the last picture was quite funny. I love when he plops down and lays like that. He is so funny.


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