Thursday, August 11, 2011

Headache delay

Hey Everyone!

I will try and post in a while. I took night time cold meds last night and zonked out but woke up a few times so this morning I was a zombie. I think being extremely tired and stressed at work caused a tension headache. I noticed when I took out my ponytail and rubbed my head that if I touch a certain spot on the back top of my head it hurts. Paranoid me is freaking out about it and googled about a million times thinking I have something wrong. There is a reason I am really paranoid but I won't get into all that now lol It is ok if you think I am crazy, I probably am. In any case I also noticed my head is shaped oddly and has weird ridges and is not smooth and nice lol Of course the spot it hurts is near one of these areas which of course makes me wonder more. GOOGLE again lol. I am going to take my crazy butt and lay down for awhile before I diagnose myself with some crazy disease and have a panic attack.

I will try and have a post up in a little while. Sorry I have been under the weather and inconsistent this past week. :(  I will make it up to you with Bruce pictures.


  1. Hahaha, I'm laughing so hard now!!! Sorry, sorry, sorry but what is in your cold meds??? How is your "odd shaped" head today?? I'm so glad that you are my friend and that you as "crazy" as I am:)

  2. See, I told you I am a little crazy! My head is ok. It is stress. I know this because I was fine yesterday until something happened and I started worrying about finacial stuff and the headache came instantly. My head is shaped oddly though, not sure if it is normal.


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