Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Jungle Look has Roses

Hey Everyone!!! I am super tired tonight. Once again the computer got stolen from me and I just got it back. This morning I used the time before I had to go to work to check out a new to me beauty supply store instead of editing my pictures and getting them in blogger. If I get the pictures in blogger I can usually post during work but if not I have to wait for home because I don't have the pictures at work. At least I got the beauty supply place checked out.

It was a really large store that I have passed several times but when I looked at the website I was under the impression it just had large items like salon furniture. It was HUGE inside and they had tons of polish. Mostly OPI and Essie with a small area of Orly. I am spoiled now between coupons at Ulta, promos and etailers that sell below retail so when I saw the prices were just a penny below retail I was slightly disappointed. They did have tons of stuff though including the Miss Universe Collection and the mini OPI Halloween polishes. Unfortunately they didn't have the regular size bottles which I really want. They had a display of Touring America that was under a plexiglass box but none out for purchase. They also had the Essie Fall display and I did see all six colors. Because I am spoiled on prices and deals I didn't pick anything up. I might go back for Swimsuit Nailed It because I haven't seen the display in the wild other than at the special Walgreens where they charge $9.99 for an OPI.

Today I have Ulta The Jungle Look for you. The formula is pretty nice on this one and I used two coats. The first coat was a little streaky but nothing major.

I used the rose image on B70 to stamp with Orly Shine and China Glaze Urban Night.

I started with Shine but didn't like the placement of the roses so I did Urban Night roses as well.

I was not thrilled with the stamping but I do like The Jungle Look a lot.

I couldn't wait to get this mani off.

This was the beginning of the end for my poor nails. They are down to nubs now :(

I am exhausted today. Mr. Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior thinks that 4 am is now wake up time. He does not believe in sleeping in. He is up again with the bf at 5:30 and doesn't want me to go back to sleep then either. Not sure what the deal is with his new early schedule but it is like having a baby that shifts it's sleeping patterns.

That's all for now :)


  1. It is really pretty. I love it. I heard it was close to Jade is the New Black which I think I just got at a blog sale even though I have this one. I will have to do a comp. I really like the color.


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