Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Let's Meet

Hey Everyone! My hectic week continues. I should have had a post up for you last night but I failed. There was a program that picked children from the county's schools and the commissioner gave them free book bags filled with school supplies. My son was one of the lucky recipients and we had to go last night to pick it up. It was really cool and they had Billy the Marlin there (the mascot of the Florida Marlins baseball team) giving out the backpacks with the commissioner. He gave us adults mugs with his face on them. Um, thanks. It says something but it is in Spanish so I can't read it. Then we had to go about 45 minutes north of where I live (the backpacks were about 20 minutes south) to pick up the bf's guitar. I was pretty tired by the time we got home.

Tonight the kids had their end of summer camp performance. It was really cute and they did so well. I am amazed how he took so many kids that had never even picked up an instrument before they came to the camp and they can all play the song now. He said it took them 6 weeks to learn 5 notes and how to read and play them. It was really fun and the kids did a great job. I am ready to go to bed now but I still have to do my nails and finish this post up. Is it Friday yet??

For this mani  I have for you Sinful Colors Let's Meet. It is yellow. I asked my son what I should do with my nails and he wanted me to do bumble bee colors of yellow and black. Stripes. I got too tired to deal with a tape mani and my polish wasn't dry yet so I did a glitter gradient instead. I used Nicole by OPI Pitch Black Glimmer.

Let's Meet is pretty sheer. I used two coats and there was still visible nail line that drives me crazy. It applied really well though. I like Sinful Colors they have a ton of colors and most of the time the formula and application are great. They are also cheap which I love. They are on sale for 99 cents this week at Walgreens. The bf's daughter picked one out last night and I think I will be stopping by to grab at least one for me tomorrow.

Since I didn't like the visible nail line I decided to go with a gradient. I didn't use a sponge but instead painted coats of Pitch Black Glimmer. By the time I was done with it my nails were really thick. I think next time a sponge is in order.

It is not a bumble bee stripe mani but instead it reminds me of eggs with pepper.

I didn't hate it but I didn't really love it either.

I did manage to mess up one nail in the process of putting the polish away. I am liking Revlon quick dry but Seche Vite it is not.

That's all for now :)


  1. Wow, really unique nails, I like it :) Your short nails are really pretty, I generally don't like that length, but yours are lovely <3

  2. Black Shatter would be the quick and easy bumblebee choice.

  3. You know, I didn't even think of that one! You are so right. Big duh for me lol.


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