Monday, August 22, 2011

Anyone Up for Some Coloring?

Hey Everyone!! I have had a really hectic weekend. Late Friday we found out we would have to take the bf's daughter to North Florida Saturday. We spent 12 hours taking her up there and back. It was a really long day. Yesterday I woke up with pain in my back/neck/shoulders. I guess I slept wrong or something but it hurts right between my shoulder blades whenever I move my head or shoulders. I burnt my finger Saturday morning so you will see a little blister on the other hand now as well. I guess it evens it out at least since I have one on each hand.

Today school started which I was pretty excited about. My son's schedule was messed up and he wasn't able to get both band classes he wanted. Come to find out they say he failed his Fcat test and has to take an extra math class which is what messed everything up. Ummm, as far as I know, he absolutely did not fail that test. SOOO I am quite stressed and agitated right now. Luckily I have today's mani which cheers me up.

I have decided to do a back to school theme week this week. I may cut it short if this school thing doesn't get resolved quickly because one day into the school year and it is already hell. I was super excited about the theme and designs I have lined up but right now I am fed up with the school and dreading the rest of the year. I am hoping things get cleared up tomorrow though and I can get back to my excitement.

Today we are going to color...

NAIL CRAYONS!!! I couldn't find my striper nail polish so I had to improvise. The lines are not the best and I probably shouldn't have put my left hand up here first.

I actually used my dotting tool for this design.

Can't forget the red crayon!

I used China Glaze Hey, Sailor! and First Mate; Orly Old School Orange; Essie Shorty Pants and OPI Don't Mess with OPI for the colors. I used Jesse's Girl Blackout and a Wet n Wild White.

They were bright and fun and I enjoyed looking at them today.

I showed my son on the way to school and he said "ARE THOSE CRAYONS?!" I think he was impressed.

That's all for now :)


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