Friday, August 12, 2011

OPI Uh Oh Roll Down the Window?!

Hey Everyone! I am back tonight. I am still not feeling 100% but I am trying to relax. Pretty sure the headache is a tension headache and me stressing out about it is only making it 100% worse. Tomorrow is a busy day with my son's come get your schedule and listen to the Principal babble about the new expensive uniforms we have to buy. It is a public school mind you. We are also getting the bf's daughter's hair fixed after the lice fiasco. So far we think they are gone, I hope! We also have to run one of his guitars to get fixed which is about 30 minutes away from where we live so I am going to try and squeeze some polish browsing in there.

For today I have for you one of the Touring America OPI polishes Uh Oh Roll Down the Window. The name is, ummm, special but I love the color.

It is a olive type green that is very military green looking to me. I love these type of greens so this was the main one I wanted from this collection despite the silly name. I took this picture inside in my room at night so it is a tad darker than it should be.

This is two coats. I did the mani at first but for some reason which I can't remember right now I didn't take pictures of it the first day. I think a couple of my nails broke that day or something but I don't recall.

SO I did the mani again and used my new dotting tool. I used three coats for this mani because I messed up the application. The first coat is streaky. I had major cuticle drag on the second coat so had to do a third to even that part out. I didn't have that problem the first time I tried this color so I am sure it was my fault and not the polishes fault.

I used Kleancolor Coffee Addict and Metallic Mango for the dots. I love the dotting tool by the way.

I used Poshe as my top coat and it bubbled like a shaken soda. Annoying polish that it is. I have been using the Revlon Quick Dry top coat lately and it is pretty good. It doesn't dry multiple thick coats like Seche Vite so I have experienced a few dings and dents but I haven't had any bubbles or thickening.

I loved the color combinations with this one. I am pretty impressed with the Kleancolors I hauled.

The formula on Uh Oh Roll Down the Window was great. I started off wanting most of the collection but after seeing it in person I only picked up this one and Roadhouse Blues. I may get more at some point as I do like still like the other colors but I will probably wait for a good deal on them. Ulta clearance anyone? lol

So shiny!

And as promised a couple more pictures of my Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior for you all. He is such a cutie but moves so much it is hard to get pictures.

Here he is perched on the stairs again. He thinks he is king of the world! He does in fact pretty much run the house in reality lol.

That's all for now :)


  1. I just got the Touring collection, but haven't tried any of the colors yet. This green looks nice...I don't have anything else quite like it in my collection.

  2. I like this mani so much, of course it's a military color;) Love the dots, too and spoiled little Brucie is gorgeous!

  3. Oh, my! That looks amazing on you! The dots are the perfect touch!
    Love the Bruce!

  4. Thanks everyone! Sorry for the delay in response blogger wouldn't let me comment and it took me a day to figure it out.


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