Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Born Pretty Stencil Dragon Mani

Hey Everyone!!! Thank you all for the well wishes. I am feeling slightly better though I think the sinus medicine is going to be wearing off soon. I wanted to get this post up for you since I haven't been able to post the past couple of days. I am warning you now though, it is VERY picture heavy.

Recently I won a giveaway from Concrete and Nail Polish for April's Born Pretty Stencil Sticker giveaway. THANK YOU APRIL!!! I was super excited because I never win anything and I really wanted to try these stencils out. I have heard a ton of great things about Born Pretty but have not had the opportunity to purchase from them yet. I plan on changing that soon!

I was super excited when I got the email from April and even more excited to open my mail!

I won five sets of stencil stickers in different designs. She added that cool Fortune Teller Fish in there as well.

Cute designs right? I knew immediately I wanted to do the dragonfly first! I have a plan for the paw prints too.

I have to show the Fortune Teller Miracle Fish real quick. I LOVE THIS THING! I squealed when I saw it and everyone though I was crazy. I immediately attacked my parents asking them if they remember this. When we were kids my parents had one of these things and I loved it so it brought me back to my childhood. I had to play with it!

This is the fish. You put it on the palm of your hand and see what it does.

I used the boyfriends hand and it immediately started to curl.

It pretty much curled up entirely. It did that on my hand as well.

The back of the sleeve tells you what the fish action means. Apparently we are Passionate.

Ok onto the sticker stencils lol. These are the dragonfly stickers. The package comes with 10 stickers. I am pretty cheap and wanted to see how far one would go so that I would have some left for another mani.

I couldn't decide on what colors I wanted my dragonfly so I picked a few. I used Jesse's Girl Firefly, Orly Galaxy Girl and Space Cadet and Wet N Wild Teal of Fortune. I actually say Teal of Fortune the same way they say Wheel of Fortune on the tv show. I am a major dork.

I decided to use Wet N Wild Greys Anatomy as the base. I used two coats. It is pretty sheer but it was ok for what I was doing.

Here is the little sticker stencil. It was bigger than some of my nails which just meant that some wing was not on the nail.

You can see the wing doesn't quite fit on my pinkie.

I had to be careful because the nail polish brushes are pretty thick and the stencil is rather small. Basically I did Teal of Fortune on the body first then I did the wings with Space Cadet. I started to do the wings with Firefly but they were too light and didn't stand out so I switched. I then put a little Galaxy Girl over Teal of Fortune and a little Firefly over the wings.

When you pull the sticker stencil off you have your design. I apparently skipped that step, sorry about that. At first I used some remover to wipe the stencil off but it seemed to be making the stencil too soft so I stopped doing that. I was able to use one stencil for all five nails.

NOW I had more of an issue with my right hand because for some reason I couldn't get the stencil to lie down near my cuticle. It was lifting and when I would put the polish on it would slide under the stencil. You can see that a bit on some of the nails.

I am sure the issue was due to the user and not the stencil.

I really liked these stencils and they were really easy to use. I think I need a little more practice but since I was able to do the full mani with just two sticker stencils I have a bunch more to work with. For some reason I got a couple of chips, please pay no mind to those.

I can't wait to play with the paw prints! I have that mani planned for this weekend. I am hoping to feel better by then. My sinus meds are starting to wear off and I am starting to feel icky again but at least I got this post done :) Now you can go check out Concrete and Nail Polish :)


  1. I used to get those little fortune teller fish whenever I went to the rollerskating rink at the prize counter! Love those!!!! Thank you for the nostalgia :) cute mani!

  2. i used to love those little fish when I was younger, too. In middle school, our teacher would give them and other little goodies out as a special treat when you did something good, and we would love to get the fortune teller fish!

    And your mani is really cute! :)

  3. Thanks :)

    I am glad I am not the only one who remembers the fish! My bf thought I was crazy. He apparently lived a very sheltered life because he had no idea what the fish was.

  4. Yay! Glad I could bring back a happy memory! Your nails look great! I haven't used multiple colors with them yet.

  5. Thanks April! If you try multi colors just beware of the brush. I was having issues with the thick wet n wild brush trying to get into the wing area. They are really fun to play with!


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