Monday, August 15, 2011

Neon Disaster

Hey Everyone!! I got quite caught up in a novel of an email to a friend out of state and totally lost track of time so this one is pretty late. We are trying to get the odds and ends taken care of before school starts Monday so this week's posts will probably be late. I have a pretty jam packed week with errands after work. I hope everyone had a good Monday and a great weekend.

Today I went to a couple of CVS stores. I was browsing the Revlon section since I had a $3.00 off coupon and found a lone Carbonite hanging out in the display. I grabbed it and trolled the rest of the store. I found another Carbonite in the clearance bin and when I looked the one in my hand was marked as well. I guess the lady at the register took 75% off because I ended up getting them for $1.25 each. SCORE! I also found the display below at that CVS!

I was SO excited but didn't get any because I had just spoken to the bf about how we need to not spend too much :(  I will be going back though lol. I went to another CVS because the first did not have my diet root beer and they did not have this display AND they had Carbonite at regular price. It baffles me how different the stores are. I bought a random Revlon with my coupon and got $3.00 extra bucks so I am going to take that and another $1.00 off coupon and get one of the Salon Effects. I am not sure which one though. I will work it out so I spend $10 and get the extra bucks on that too hehe. The only issue is it is WAY too early to use them :(

For tonight's mani I have for you my Neon Disaster. It looked great in my head but not so much on my nail. I started with a white base. I used Wet N Wild but I forget the name of it. It is the 69 cent white. I sponged the neon colors on the white. I used China Glaze Shocking Pink and Kiwi Cool-ada, Essie Funky Limelight and Color Club Orange Revenge. I then topped it with OPI Black Shatter.

As you can tell, not pretty! The neons looked good BUT I apparently put the Shatter on too soon because not only did it not shatter on the pinkie but it pulled away at the cuticles taking some polish with it.

I could not get this off soon enough. It bothered me ALL day and I could not get it off fast enough.

On this pinkie I tried to scratch some of the Shatter off but that was a stupid idea. It clearly didn't work. I was disappointed.

I want to show you the next two pictures because I think they are hilarious. I was trying to get pictures of my nails in a different position. Um, I think I could have come up with better ideas.

A Battery?! Really? Um, all I can say is that it was the closest thing I could find. Pretty lame BUT you have a great view of the hideous pulling away from the cuticle. Not cute.

And a brownie? Really? I was eating one and it apparently seemed like a good idea to photograph it. Unfortunately the idea is much stupider than it was at the time lol. I think I might want to stick to normal posing.

That's all for now :)


  1. Well, other than it not shattering well, the colors look really great together. lol.

  2. hahahahaha! This whole post cracked me up! A brownie, really?

    Hey, if you like that look... check this girl's black over neon design!!!!! Maybe try that, you'll have more control over the "cracks" with the scotch tape...

    Isn't that COOL!?

    And now I'm going to have Cult of Personality stuck in my head! I miss that awesome early 90's music soooo very much.

  3. Thanks Sarah! I did like the colors especially with the black but shatter didn't want to play that day I guess.

    I have no idea what I was thinking about with the brownie. It is funny though. lol the brownie was good too lol

    Ohhh that is an awesome idea with the tape! I like it a lot! I want to try it now. I might have to soon. I have ideas lined up for next week so I will have to write it down lol I forget everything.

    YES!! I was listening to INXS this morning too and jammin in the car lol.

  4. The problem is, the brownie doesn't exactly look like a brownie.

  5. *hangs head and nods* I is actually a mini muffin shaped brownie that looks nothing like a brownie or anything that should be eaten. lol


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