Thursday, August 4, 2011

Winter's Whisper is Silent in Summer

Hey Everyone!!! I am going to make this a little short because I am catching the rerun (I missed the first showing) of American Ninja Warrior. I LOVE this show!!! I started watching this show a couple months ago when I caught a marathon of last season and I LOVE it. I know I am a dork. It is also way too hot out to be talking about something with Winter in the name. I can not wait for cooler weather.

Today I have Finger Paints Winter's Whisper from the 2010 Fall Collection Seduced by Fall.

I used the bottom right design on Shany plate BM17 and stamped with Sally Hansen Blue-Away.

I used three coats of Winter's Whisper. It is really sheer and I still had visible nail line which is why I chose to do a tip design. I was happy with the formula just not the visible nail line.

Blue-Away is great for stamping. I love the Insta-Dris for stamping. Winter's Whisper is a great shade that runs along the lines of a pewter. It is quite shimmery. I really want to say I saw a hint of pink shimmer in there but it may be from my Poshe top coat which I believe has been contaminated. I also could just be insane.

I liked this mani, I think the blue gave it a nice touch.

I think I might try Winter's Whisper over a darker color like black or dark blue. In my mind it looks good.

Sorry, I am a little distracted by the contestants falling in the water and flying through the course and failing at that last obstacle. I promise tomorrow I will be more focused :) I will also have pictures of today's mini haul.

That's all for now :)


  1. I like the stamping very much--great combination of colors!

    I am American Ninja Warrior deprived because we have DirectTV (a must for the serious football fan) and they dropped G4.

  2. Why thank you :)

    We HAD direct TV but had issues with storms and no tv watching ability. We now have something else that is totally not serious football fan worthy but at least I can actually watch the games without interruption. I always see the DirectTV football package commericals and die a little.


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