Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chalk it Up as a Win

Hey Everyone! I am tired!! This whole new school year and getting back into the swing of things is crazy. The child already has lots of homework and is going to the music school after school as well so it is hectic. It might take me a minute to get a good schedule down. Still no word from the school but his teacher is trying to help get things done and he told me to keep calling because the counselors are slammed!! I really wonder about the state of the school system but I better not get into all of my views on that. The bf keeps hovering asking me if I am done too so I better get to the nails!

Today's school themed mani is

Chalkboards!!! I loved chalkboards in school, especially when we had colored chalk. When I was a kid my mom got me cool black contact paper and rigged me up a chalkboard type thing on my closet door. I was a mega nerd and this was simply awesome on many levels.

I used WNW Ebony Hates Chris and a white polish for the writing. I then used two coats of my Hard Candy matte top coat. It smeared the white on some of the nails which wasn't cool but it added to the effect.

I initially did this mani using the dotting tool to create the writing but one of the nails got messed up and I wasn't happy with the overall look so I redid them. I have one of the Sinful Colors striping polishes in black and I wiped off the brush and used it with the white. It worked MUCH better.

Over all it came out pretty good but it was so much cooler in my mind. Next time I will try and improve on it.

Now I must run off and do tonight's nails! Oh, I think I converted my mother to a glass file tonight. YAY! She uses emery boards and the sound alone drives me nuts. I told her to try the glass file and I think she was impressed. I think she was most impressed with the fact that it lasts forever as long as you don't break it.

That's all for now :)


  1. As a teacher I'm loving your back to school nails! Although I have an irrational fear of chalk so I'm very glad we use whiteboards and interactive boards now!

  2. Your back to school nails are killing me with the cute!

  3. Thanks everyone! I can't wait to show you today's nails! Next to the crayons they are my favorite. @Ame I had to laugh at your irrational fear of chalk. I actually thought I should have done whiteboards instead when my son had no clue my nails were supposed to be a chalkboard lol. He made me realize that chalkboards are apparently ancient by today's standards.

  4. Very cute mani! My son never saw a chalkboard, the only thing he knows are whiteboards or smartboards:D I can't stand the noise of writing on a chalkboard.

  5. Thanks Silke! See, I should have gone with a whiteboard! I thought about it but I am old school and couldn't do it lol I didn't mind the writing except when it caught that one part of the chalk and made the high pitch scratch sound. I just don't like the feel of chalk dust on my fingers.

  6. The matte top coat in here is perfection--it looks so much like a chalkboard! Some of my classes had green or brown ones, but black is the classic for sure.

  7. Thanks Karen! Yes, I know I have had some green boards in my day but I think black is the classic. I have never seen a brown one though, well except for the corkboards.


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