Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Essence Nothing Else Metals

For my second attempt at the Essence Magnetic polishes I tried Essence Nothing Else Metals. I absolutely love this color. I am not sure what exactly to call it but a color that looks like metal. Maybe a brownish with a hint of green to it. My father actually noticed this polish and thought it was an olive color so I guess maybe the lighting will change the way it looks. It could also be that my father's versions of colors are a little different then the rest of the world. My mother has a burgundy, wine colored car that he insists is purple even though the color is not even close to purple. But back to nail polish.

I was more experienced with the magnet this time though as you can clearly see on my middle finger I did mess up the nail by touching the magnet to the nail accidentally. I liked the way it looked so I didn't do it over.

Both these pictures were taken in direct sunlight.

This picture was taken out of direct sunlight but still in the light if that makes sense. I left the magnet near the nail for stronger, darker lines. I love the way this polish looks.

I think this magnetic stuff is really cool. I would love to have the Loreal magnet I believe it is that makes a star design on the nail. I think they should make different magnets for different patterns. I could play with this stuff for days it is fun and different. My mother had been telling her co-workers that I had swapped with someone in Holland and they sent me Magnetic polish. She is now very eager for me to do her nails so she can take them to work and show them off.

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