Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Irish Green

EDITED: Sinful colors Irish GREEN is the actual name of the polish. Thank you Karen for pointing that out for me. I am in a fog of cold medicine and head congestion and don't know where I got Irish Girl from, though that would be a cool name, I think lol. Ahhh the effects of Nyquil and blogging.

*** This was supposed to post yesterday but for some odd reason did not. Oh well its a day late but better late then never :)

My quest for the St. Patrick's Day Sinful Colors display is still underway however I did find Irish Green. Well, I didn't but my brother and his girlfriend found it for me hehe. I was pretty excited about this polish and thought it was going to be a neon based on the bottle. It is pretty BRIGHT but it is sheer and jellyish. I had this fantastic idea for another gradient with this polish and a gold glitter.

That FAILED! It took me four coats of Irish Green to get it to the point I wanted it. I was having some issues with the sheerness. I apparently don't do sheer/jelly well. After four coats I didn't care about the thin spots at the cuticle and decided it was good enough. I attempted the Funky Fingers Gold Coast for the gradient. UNFORTUNATELY Gold Coast did not want to play. It was a little too thick for my liking but I used it anyway. I think the glitter is too dense for the effect I was going for too. Lets just say that it was NOT what I wanted and after about 15 minutes of pondering it's removal I smudged it and took it as a sign to remove immediately. Sorry, I have no pictures of this catastrophe. Gold Coast is gorgeous just didn't work for this idea.

SO I tried again. This time I only had to do three coats of Irish Green. There were still spots and it was less than stellar but that is due to me and not the polish. I tried two thin coats then a thicker coat. I did a diagonal stripe of Gold Coast and an accent nail of a gold shamrock. I didn't like the way that looked so I did a green shamrock on top. I liked the effect with the gold behind it but my nail art skills aren't as good as my imagination.

I took a couple of pictures in the shade because Irish Green is much brighter in the shade. I couldn't capture the neon brightness of her though.

I think the shamrock on my right hand was shaped better (I have no idea how) but the sheet dented it a little. Oh well.

She is pretty bright in the sun as well. Not exactly a green that would scream Irish or St. Patrick's Day to me but still a fun shade.

Now if I could only get my hands on Green Ocean! I am going to Tampa Saturday and if I can't find it in my area by then I fully intend to stop at every Walgreens I see along the way. My boyfriend is gonna love that lol.

That's all for now :)


  1. Irish Green, right? Not Girl? Or did they rename this like they'd done for other colors?

  2. OMG Karen you are right! it must be the cold medicine I am in a cloud right now. oops lol I better go edit the post thank you!! :)


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