Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mardi Gras nails

Today is Fat Tuesday and I accidentally did a manicure for it. Last night I told my son to grab me a polish from the orange (Ulta) bag. Now I have about three orange bags that he could have chosen from since I haven't put the polishes in their homes yet so I had no idea what he would get me. He comes back with my latest acquisition Essie Damsel in a Dress. It was on clearance so of course I bought it. It's a nice deep reddish purple or as Essie calls it "oh-so-deep iridescent currant". I liked the color but probably wouldn't have bought it if it were not on clearance. I have so many other lemmings right now that the easy to find stuff has to sit on the back burner. Fortunately it was on clearance because it is gorgeous.

It applied nicely but it was thin. I think all Essies might be thin though because every Essie I have tried has been thin. Hmmm. I only used two coats and it was perfect. I was so tired and starting to feel under the weather so I left it alone but did think it would be a great Mardi Gras color. This morning I had to complete the look.

I grabbed Zoya Veruschuka, Milani 3D and Wet n Wild fast dry SaGreena the Teenage Witch and decided to try my hand at a dot mani. I don't have a dotting tool yet (must remind myself to buy one) so I used a ball point pen. Unfortunately I think I am finally getting this stupid cold that has been passed around the house for the past two weeks. I felt awful this morning and was not in the mood to deal with anything. I was also trying to get to work on time to see what the Zoya promo was all about. SO my dots are not the best but I think it looks super cute and festive. If I was going out tonight I would be totally in the spirit but of course the only place I am going tonight is home to finish chocolates.

For some reason I could take pictures of my left hand and the flash did not go off. This is all indoor lighting.

When I took pictures of my right hand (below) the stupid flash kept going off. I have no idea why since I was in the same position just switched hands. odd. But at least the pictures are in a different light lol.

My camera is strange. Oh, the right hand is far messier than the left but since I feel like poo I didn't even bother with the cleanup. Sorry about that.

I think the greens were too close to really tell them apart from afar. If I look close enough I can see the different shade but I am thinking I should have chosen two more different shades. The ball point pen worked well! I have heard others talk about using a bobbie pin but I didn't like that method. For some reason the dots weren't working for me. I also used the pointy tip of one of those little wood cuticle sticks.

Oh, I did make it for the Zoya promo too. I heard it is going on until midnight but orders placed now may be delayed up to 7 days. The promo was for the Intimate Sampler which is their spring collection for $25.00 which includes shipping. Thankfully I didn't realize that you can add items to the order and still get free shipping because I am going to be in enough trouble as it is for ordering the sampler. It's a great deal though and I have been dying to get this sampler since we first saw pictures of it. I love Zoya. They will have another "HUGE" promotion in the next couple of weeks. My wallet is already hiding. Zoya has single handedly shattered my no buy till Pirates.

That's all for now :)

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