Saturday, March 19, 2011

Crackle crackle

Today will be another trip to North Florida which means a ton of car time. I wanted something easy and pretty to look at so I took yesterday's mani and topped it with a crackle.

Recap: yesterday's mani was a very sparkly Color Club over Essence Fairy Berry.

I jazzed it up using China Glaze Crackle in Fault Line.

Fault line is a very pretty purple. It is actually shimmery. It is the only shimmery crackle I have seen. It dries matte and definitely needs a top coat to add shine. It wasn't overly thick and was fairly easy to work with.

Most of the cracking on this one was long vertical cracking but I think it still looks cool.

I used pretty thin coats on all the nails. For some reason the first nails I did cracked vertically and then as I kept going the cracking started varying a little more.

My right hand cracked more than the left. Not really sure why.

I really like the color of this polish. It reminds me of Easter purple. I will probably be playing with the sun in the car moving my hand around to catch the shimmer and glitter. It will be a long day but I have a great Walgreens to stop at and hopefully will have time to check out the Ulta and Sallys up there as well. I might have to do a little hauling to make myself feel better. I discovered one of my fillings I believe partially came out OR I just have a new cavity next to the filling. Either way I don't have dental insurance so I am not real excited about the prospect of going to the dentist for this.

That's all for now :)

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