Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ah the damage...

I have a cold, sore throat, clouded head and overall yucky feeling. I have to thank Karen from Frazzle and Anipolish for letting me know that my post on Irish Girl should have actually been on Irish GREEN. In my not feeling well I came up with Irish Girl somehow. Unfortunately Sinful Colors didn't come out with a new shade I just got the name wrong. Big DUH for me! lol. I like to be accurate and even though I feel like a big dummy for getting the name wrong, especially since I had the bottle right here, and Irish Girl is definitely not accurate. What a dweeb I am. Sorry about that. I feel like I need to franken a polish now and name it Irish Girl. Hopefully this cold goes away and I am thinking with a clearer head soon. :)

I have inflicted severe damage to my poor rebellious little nails by peeling polish off of them. I know this is a BAD habit but I can not resist the peeling. I never peel it unless a chip occurs so it might actually be in my best interest to find a good combination for minimal chips. That or just duct tape my fingers together so I can't peel the polish. I of course will let my nails show but I will just have hands that look like Penguin's hands in Batman. I think that might actually work. Typing might be slowed but otherwise it might work.

I have some pictures for you. They are pretty embarrassing. They are NAKED pictures of my nails. I don't like this but I figure I mind as well shame myself into not peeling and picking my nails apart. There is slight staining but not as bad as I anticipated. There is however a lot of damage so I must warn you it isn't pretty.

Its almost as bad as if I actually had taken off acrylics. There are ridges and peels and damage oh my! My index finger is super thin. My ring finger is split on the side so there is a little bit of a patch on there but most of it has come off with my usage of acetone. The middle one is an odd color lol.

Left hand not much better. My super nub is growing out but the cuticle on the outside of my nail has done something odd. It is still stained from the stupid candy dye too lol

So these are my damaged little nubs. I went by Sallys today because one of the little nubs had a little snag in it. Since I REFUSED to use the files from hell I decided I would stop and grab a Swissco file (highly recommended) to fix it. I decided since my last two files were a bust I would just get the little travel size one to make sure it is friend before spending the money on a bigger one. It is super cute about two thirds the length of a pen and comes in a little tube. It had a sticker on it that said $3.99 but it rang up at $1.99. Not sure if that is due to my Sally card or what but if the others weren't all messed up I would have grabbed a spare.

**Side rant: What is wrong with people? Why must you use EVERYTHING while you are in the store and put it back? I do not want to pay full price for something you have already used! The other small files were all scraped up to the point I would not buy them. There was ONE that did not appear used. I hate when people do that! Either buy it or don't but don't use it and put it back leaving it messed up for whoever wants to actually buy it. **

Ok so while I was in Sally I was looking at the treatments because my nails are in desperate need of help. I realized as I was standing there that I have several that I do not use consistently enough for them to help me. I have Instant Artificials, Gelous, Barielle Nail Rebuilding Protein, Barielle Hydrating Ridge Filler (I might have the name on that one wrong), Orly Tough Cookie, Growing Nails with Garlic and a ton more at home that I can't remember individually. SO I have decided that I need to use this stuff and see if it helps.

I decided I am going to try Gelous first. It was between that and Instant Artificials but I left that one at home so Gelous it is lol. I have a very scientific method of choosing don't I? Basically what I am going to do is this: Gelous will be my base coat topped with one coat of Growing Nails with Garlic since I am wanting the suckers to grow. I am going to use these two until I have no more Gelous OR I notice a deterioration of my nails worse than what they are now. I think this is a good plan. I hope. I know they need some strength, they need to grow and I have heard good things about both. Everything else will be put away so I don't try switching until the experiment is over. If Gelous doesn't work I will move on to something else.

If anyone has any other suggestions I am open to them. Ones like that combination will cause your nails to instantaneously combust or your fingers will turn black and fall off would be especially helpful. Hopefully the next time you see my naked nails they are looking better than this time.

That's all for now :)

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