Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In what world is a Flying Dragon magenta-ish?

Ah what a day! I have had an interesting day so far which is ok because it leads into this interesting polish. I am not sure who came up with the idea that this magenta, purplish, glittery, neonish polish should be called Flying Dragon but I would really like to know how they determined this. In my mind something called flying dragon would be more of a greenish blueish duochrome with glitter and sparkle and iridescence. Despite my issues with the name this polish is very pretty. The pictures refused to be color accurate no matter what I tried so I must warn you now about that. These pictures are with flash and a whole lot more magentay pink then the polish really shows. Its more of a purple and is darker. I would have attempted better pictures but my nails are revolting currently. I think the top picture is closest to the real color.

This polish dries a lot darker and matte. It was on the thick side when I applied it but it might just need thinner. It dries pretty quickly and I assume that is due to the matteness of the polish.

I must have caught my index finger on something because that little chip you see was not just a chip. Oh no, I thought it was just a chip and went all day thinking so until shortly after this picture. I then realized that the chip was in fact a slice that took off a piece of the nail with the polish and cut the nail. Not sure when or how it happened but it is now shorter and a whole lot more painful. It was the beginning of the revolt.

I tried taking a few more pictures to see if I could come close to the actual color. Inside lighting was not being friendly.

This last one is closer too. Sorry, I am still trying to get the hang of photography.

And a random picture of the chocolates that I am making this week. Got a big order for Friday so it will be all chocolate all week. :)

That's all for now :)

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