Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Nail Revolt begins...

I mentioned somewhere along the line here on this blog that my nails hate me. They are not friendly. They are weak, peely, uncooperative and unruly. They have always been this way so I have just gotten used to it and dealt with it best I could. Usually I just curse them out when they are uncooperative since no matter how nice I am to them they are still punks.

A few days ago they began their revolt. It was manageable at first, I thought just one of my nails decided to be difficult and have a little break on the side of my nail well below the white. Ok, no problem I tried Orly Nail Rescue. That failed so I simply took nail glue and some tissue paper and glued the sucker back together. It has held up for two days now and I thought we were good but oh no. Not even close.

Yesterday my dear index finger got a chip in it first thing in the am. I thought ok, no biggie I will redo my mani later. I went all day thinking nothing more than it was a nice chip that took off a layer of nail but realized last night that it was a deep chip and split in the nail. It looks like it got cut by something but I don't know what. I have had similar cuts from my razor when shaving, don't ask because I have no idea how it happens. Anyway the nail had to be cut way down low and then the cuticle/skin on the edge decided to act up and now it is a super nub short painful nail. That's two.

Today my wonderful middle finger decided to take a turn! I got another break on the side of the nail! WHAT IS GOING ON?! At least this one was high enough that it left a bit of a white tip. WELL at this point I said screw it, nubbins we shall have. I pulled out public enemy number one and two and went to work nubbinizing. Now, I know that Revlon "crystal" files aren't that great because it sucks and the wise nail board confirmed the suckiness. (This was of course AFTER I bought the damn thing) It has always been decent for me though. When I realized it sucked I ran out to Sally's but could only find that stupid A.S.P file, I think A.S.S would be more appropriate. This sucker is H.A.R.S.H. I should have known better than to ask the Sales Associate at Sally's if that file was any good.

Public enemy #2 (the A.S.S file) is only good for taking length down quick and even that is a risk. I was doing ok because I was filing them down but leaving enough length to accommodate for my lack of filing skills. Public enemy #1 (the Revlon junk) was then used for getting the shape and finishing the job. WELL the Revlon "crystal" file has lost a great deal of its texture due to filing my nails. Um why? how? when? how? and why? You are a nail file, you are made to file, why oh why are you going bald? I haven't even had you very long.

I thought maybe the revolt was over once I started filing until I got to the ring and pinky finger on my left hand. Apparently the little brats enlisted public enemies 1&2 to join the revolt because those two nails are now wonky mis shaped weird looking messes. You can't tell too much in the picture below (sad camera phone picture) but there is a severe curve on the right side of the nails. My filing skills are not great but I KNOW I don't file that bad.

Overall I think the nubbins are best right now for my nails. I have a nail polish peeling problem. Once it chips it all goes down hill and I am sure that is what enraged my nails to begin with. I must figure out a way to stop peeling. At least now the nubs will be able to grow out stronger and healthier. Except that stupid ring finger split that has quite a while until it will grow out. I do have to apologize for the sorry state of nubs that will be gracing the blog for awhile. At least they are just nubs, the last time I had to cut them down to super nubbins much like my index finger because they broke really really short.

On the good side of the day I have nail mail waiting at home! I swapped for some Funky Fingers polishes that I can't find here. I have heard they are the same as Color Club polishes just under a different name. I will have more on those later as well as the latest haul. I have never done swatches but I am thinking that should be a weekend project! I won't have time this week due to all the chocolate making but I will work on it.

That's all for now :)

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