Friday, March 4, 2011

Shopping Shockers

HAPPY FRIDAY! Oh I am so glad it is Friday! The last few days have been crazy busy and I haven't had a lot of time to play with my new pretties. The good news is that last night we finished all those chocolates! 130 of those suckers! Now we have 150 more to do for next week so it looks like the weekend forecast will be MORE chocolate. I will find some swatching time though :)
I have been searching Walgreens near my home for the Sinful Colors St. Patrick's Day display for the Green Ocean. I have been looking for that one since I discovered swatches of it online. I have already searched 4 Walgreens and the closest I have come is this display for Colored Hair Spray.

I was so excited because I saw the very top green portion of the display before I turned the corner to see the front. I was not happy when I realized it was Hair Spray lol. I went to a Walgreens closer to my job today before work but they didn't have the display out either. I will find it! There are at least 3 other Walgreens in my immediate area that need to be checked before I start hunting elsewhere. Yeah, I am just a little bit crazy.

When I first visited this Walgreens near my job I freaked out at the amount of OPI they carry. I have NEVER seen a Walgreens carry OPI (as you can tell I stalk several stores too) so I was totally excited. I went today and though I didn't find the Ocean Green I did find all of this!

Not a single Katy Perry was in this store but that's ok because they did have the elusive Simply Smashing. I just talked about it yesterday and how I couldn't find it anywhere and now I found two whole bottles in the Katy Perry display. I wonder if I talk about wanting to find Teenage Dream today maybe it will appear tomorrow? If only it worked that way lol.

Ok I have never heard of this brand before and I was really excited to try it. The crackles they have (the ones on the right) are a good selection of colors including a brownish, yellow, really pretty royal blue and a deep red. I picked up the brownish one when I snatched up the OPI and asked the cashier the price $11.99!!! I quickly put the polish back on the shelf. $11.99 for a bottle of polish is at the high end of the price I am willing to pay scale. I would still buy something in that price neighborhood but today was not a day for me to splurge. (I am still recovering from the Finger Paints/Tronica spree at Sally's) I am intrigued about these polishes though. I was a little shocked that they are more than the OPIs though.

They also had the Texas collection and another three shelves jam packed with polish. I walked out with just the Simply Smashing. The OPIs are slightly higher at $8.99 then they are at Ulta but since I haven't been able to find this polish anywhere else I grabbed it anyway.

Last night I also received my replacement shipment from GoInduge. They sent me the Red Hot duo in addition to the replacement for Night Factory. So nice of them! I love their customer service!

They packed it really well this time. She even put some plastic between the two bottles so they wouldn't break this time.

Red Hot was in it's own little baggie. They took no chance with this one!

Simply Smashing wouldn't cooperate when I was trying to insert the picture before so I am just leaving it here at the bottom. Such a diva already! Apparently she wanted to be shown off at the end where she would get more attention then above with the rest of the Walgreens part of the story.

Oh and last but not least ZOYA also destroyed my no buy today. They had a brief promotion this morning for three of their green polishes. It was Ivanka, Shawn and Suvi for $5.00. Luckily I had checked in with the nail board and facebook this morning right when I got to work. I usually open everything up as soon as I get in but since I knew there was a promo today I made sure I was on it. Luckily I placed my order early because they sold out pretty quick on this one. I LOVE greens and can't wait to try these out. Zoya is really rockin the promos and they are having another one later this month. There aren't too many details other than you need to have an account set up already and it is "HUGE". I really love Zoya! Their polish is great and the colors are gorgeous. Their promos kick butt too.

I am trying to avoid all other talk of sales (Del Sol has their Vday set on clearance) so I can stick to this no buy. My nail polish area looks like a tornado ripped through it since I have been so busy with chocolates I haven't organized in several shopping trips/swaps. I have a massive project ahead of me with that one lol.

That's all for now :)

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