Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Waves of gold.

I just realized that there are two days left until St. Patrick's day! I love it! I wish I lived in Chicago so I could see the river dyed green. I think maybe I will make it a whole green day on Thursday. Have the kids make green cookies and torture them with some Darby O'Gill and the Little People. I LOVE THAT MOVIE! I remember watching it as a kid on the Disney Channel (back when it was good) and LOVING the movie. I bought it when my son was young because I loved it so much and it scared the beegeesees out of the kid. It didn't quite have the effect I anticipated. I think I am going to make everyone watch it Thursday. (payback for all the stupid stuff they make me watch hehe)

Keeping in the green spirit I used another of the Zoya promo polishes. Suvi is a deep green shimmer. The first coat scared me because it was so sheer and dark and not what I thought it would be but she builds up beautifully. I did three coats of this polish to even everything out. The polish was thin and once again my only issue was the huge drop that collected on the stem of the brush. It very much wanted to make its home on my clothing. Fortunately I was fast enough to avoid that.

I had seen a post on Chloe's Nails blog where she used crafting scissors with different designs to add a twist to her tape manis. In the past I have tried to cut waves into my tape to try this effect out. It didn't work too well though lol nothing was even. I have also tried to use the shaped hole punchers but that was a huge fail. Check out her mani here because it is way better than mine. I don't think my nails are long enough to truly show the pattern but it is an awesome idea.

My son had bought me China Glaze White Cap for Valentine's Day (and a couple others, he is so cute) and I hadn't tried it yet so I figured this would work perfectly.

I couldn't catch all the shimmery sparkly goodness in the photos unfortunately.

I hate when I can't capture things well in the photos. Yesterday my mom used her camera and my camera was used to take the same picture. WOW, my camera is seriously lacking in many areas. I might have to start using hers for these pictures until I get a new one because it takes such good pictures.

I used 3 coats of Suvi then used my tape which I precut with the crafting scissors. I wish you could see the pattern a little better. The boyfriend didn't even notice the pattern at first he just thought I drew crooked lines. Oh well, it still looks nice.

I went in the opposite direction for the other hand. I actually did it to see which way I liked it better.

I am not really sure. I think I like White Cap on the bottom of the nail better. Since I am so indecisive it actually works out well since I have one hand which each. :)

Last night I went to Target to see what they had done with the empty makeup section. The boyfriend actually noticed this bottle of Sally Hansen DVD sitting all by itself. It was out of place in an empty section (Target leaves a lot to be desired with their makeup section) where Nicole by OPI should be. He picked it up and asked me if I liked it and if it was one I wanted. I think he liked it because he said it was really cool looking and that he was buying it for me. So cute.

I had to take a picture in the sun because it is so pretty.

He was quite cute when we saw the big display of all the HDs on the end cap. This was the only DVD left and he kept saying he would have just gone back today and got it to surprise me but it was the only one left in the whole store so he had to get it now. He can be such a cutie sometimes.

That's all for now :)

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