Thursday, March 3, 2011

Show me the Shatter

Where is this wind coming from? Yesterday it started blowing and I do mean blowing. I spent all of yesterday printing product inserts at work and we have to have the doors open so I don't suffocate from the fumes and the wind is kickin. I don't know where it came from but in the past two days I have papers blowing all over the office and I am about to go postal on the front door. We don't have a door stop and the damn thing will not stay open despite the different things we use to wedge it open. It is quite frankly pissing me the eff off and I am getting tired of having to jump up and re wedge the chair in the door. I am also getting tired of jumping everytime the door slams open or shut because the dang wind gusts through here. I am all for cool air and loving the little chill it is bringing but I am about to lose my mind over this stupid door.

Ok, wind rant over lets talk polish. Back when the OPI Katy Perry polish collection and the Serena Williams duo came out I went looking for the Black Shatter polish. I still have yet to find the Serena Williams polish anywhere (I want that tennis ball green dag nab it) but the Katy Perry display was at least up. I found the display at Ulta and JC Penny BUT they were sold out of everything but Last Friday Night. I was a little dejected walking around the mall that day because I really wanted the Black Shatter until I spotted a small display in the little mall salon we were walking past. It turns out they were for sale (I was too excited to ask if they had other polishes for sale DUH) and they were cheaper than anywhere else so I snagged one. I later found a whole bunch the Ulta I frequent but by then I was looking for Teenage Dream which is my only Katy Perry lemming.

Black Shatter is great to cover up chips on a mani that you don't have time to change or just want to spice up a bit. Mine is a little thick and a little goopy right now but it can be tamed with thinner. I think they get goopy pretty quick since this is only the third time I have used it. I am sure it has to do with the way they make it so that it crackles. I put this over my day old (and somewhat chipping) China Glaze Flying Dragon mani. Since I didn't have time to change it and I hate chips with a passion I was hoping this would deter me from peeling my polish off. It only half worked, once I had to file them (my nails revolted yesterday) it was all down hill. Luckily I took these pics early.

These are shade pics. You can see Flying Dragon is much darker and less bright pink than the pictures yesterday.

A few sun pictures to show the contrast in colors better. I really liked the way it looked.

Unfortunately the next couple show the super nub index finger. I am sorry, it is not pretty at all. It hurt a lot yesterday too so I didn't mess with cleaning it up too well. It was a bad nail day yesterday lol.

And a picture of yesterday's nail mail! We don't have a FiveBelow here in Florida and I have never seen Funky Fingers anywhere but I had to have these and a sweet nail boarder was willing to work a trade with me. From left to right they are Melted Popsicle, Gold Coast, Sand Stilletos, Colleen and Erin. I can not wait to play with them. Hmm I bet Shatter would look great over those glitters...

Right now the posts are picture heavy while I get my photography skills fine tuned. I am not sure if more pics is good or bad but I am working on getting better with the pictures.

That's all for now  :)


  1. I searched and searched for black shatter all over my town AND the nearest city, and couldn't find a single bottle! (not even CG black mesh!) But all the places i went had bottles of Teenage Dream. How weird is that?! I don't think i've even seen a Five Below in my life, but those Funky Fingers Polishes look pretty- especially that green glitter!

  2. That is crazy! I haven't been able to find Teenage Dream anywhere and figured if I didn't somehow run into it this weekend I would just try and get China Glaze Carnival Lights since it is similar. I have never seen a Five Below either and after seeing Funky Fingers I am a little hostile about that. I am going to NC next month and trying to plot a way to find a Five Below on the way lol.


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