Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Water Marbling Pea Soup

Last night I stopped by Target and found these great craft kids for the kids to do on CLEARANCE! I love that word. For seven bucks they had shadow boxes and glass plates to create. Since we were getting crafty I thought it would be a good time to do a water marble. I discovered several things last night. 1. these kids do not grasp the concept of a shadow box. 2. these kids do craft projects in about 5 minutes flat. 3. Water Marbling is way messier than I remember.

The water marble turned out to be great because I couldn't decide what color to paint my nails anyway and this let me use four. Unfortunately the colors I chose look more like pea soup then St. Patrick's day but hey it IS green so it works.

I used OPI Here Today Aragon tomorrow which I received in a swap.

Zoya Irene which I had gotten with that huge Facebook offer they had at the beginning of the year.

OPI Who the Shrek are You which I also swapped for.

And one of my older polishes Sinful Colors San Francisco (I think) the sticker on this one has left the building and I am not positive of its Identity. I am waiting for the DNA results.

So, as the kids worked on their projects I worked on my water marble. My son looks at me and says mom, what ARE you doing? I am not really great with the marbling technique though I must say this time came out the best. It is a shame this mani will not live to see tomorrow. It is truly a MESS to cleanup. I think next time I should just try the chapstick on my finger because I had polish everywhere. Sadly I liked the swirls on my fingers more than I liked what ended up on my nail in a couple of instances. If I wouldn't look like a total whack job I would have left the polish on my fingers because it was nice!

I re dipped the middle finger on this one because I didn't like how it came out initially. It doesn't look bad in bright light but in dim lighting total pea soup. Sadly I don't like pea soup but the color is awesome.

Sorry, my fingers are still a little messy. Clean up was a bear!

I like when the darker color is more visible in the swirls. I still don't know how people get the patterns so nice in their marbling. I guess more practice.

Overall it is nice. I probably should have used a base instead of doing it over clear nails. It might have popped a little more. I would do this technique more often but I always feel like I am wasting so much polish. It is also not fun to clean up after. I would love to do a water marble with neons. ooooh yeah, neon!

That's all for now :)

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