Monday, March 14, 2011

St. Patrick's day here we come!

It's a bright, sunny coolish day out and I am stuck at work in the office! The door is open so I get to experience some of the sunny coolness but not much. I typically am more of a rainy, gray gloomy day kinda girl but since it isn't HOT out I am ok with a little sunshine. Unfortunately it is spring break and while everyone else is out enjoying Florida's beautiful everglades I am stuck inside. Something is seriously wrong with this situation! At least I have Zoya Ivanka on my nails to cheer me up!

This polish SPARKLES! It is described by Zoya as a "mermaid green" and it is gorgeous. THANK YOU ZOYA for the green promo because otherwise I would not have gotten my hands on this baby so soon. I had seen swatches online for her and though I did want her there were a few polishes I would have bought first. Luckily she is now mine because I LUFF HER!

When I finished polishing my nails I showed my boyfriend as I always do and I think this one caught him off guard. THAT IS VERY GREEN! was his response. He usually humors me with something like yeah, that's nice but this one was bright enough to catch his attention.  I love the metallicness of it though I kept wanting to call it foilish. It reminds me of foil paper. As always Zoya is great! The application was easy though the polish was a little thin. I had to make sure I didn't drip it anywhere a couple of times because there was quite a bit on the stem of the brush that was just waiting to dive toward my clothes. I guess doing my nails on the couch is probably not the best place but it's where I am comfortable. I used three coats because I wanted it a little darker than the two provided.

It was night time and they took my camera to the Everglades with them today so I had to take the pictures inside. I managed to get them more color accurate somehow. Perhaps my skills are improving.

I love this polish so I took a LOT of pictures of it. Sorry about that.

It's just so shiny!


AND pretty!

I had random glitter left over from the GOSH mani all over my hands.

So pretty she is! I am not sure which green I will chose next. I have way too many to choose from and only two more days until St. Patrick's Day. I haven't decided what I am going to do for Thursday yet.

That's all for now :)

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