Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Isn't it Iconic...Don't ya think...

Wow, I am now going to have that song stuck in my head all day. I saw something (I have no idea who it was or when or where) on that song once where the guy was going on and on and said The irony of that song is none of those things are ironic just plain bad luck and it cracked me up. I laugh every time I hear that song now.

Today picked Cult Nails Iconic out for me. I was going to do the whole stamping or nail art thing but I have a really bad hang nail on one finger. Mind you, I never knew what a hang nail actually looked like until I googled it. I always thought part of your nail hung off or something. Yes, I am a dork. Well, yesterday I had a nice little hang nail that I made the mistake of messing with and angering greatly. It looks horrible right now and hurts and one day I will learn not to pick at things because not everything should be peeled off. I decided no nail art so I wouldn't have to mess with my nails too much, gotta keep it simple for awhile. You also don't get to see my right hand for awhile because it is just gross to look at.

Moving on to happy things...Iconic. This was another of my Valentine's Day gift. I am not a red/pink girl at all but this polish really is very pretty. It is a berry color with tons of gold shimmer and awesome little flakies all over the place. I love flakies so. I think they add amazing depth.

I took two bottle pictures today. The top one is inside in office lighting where the color is a tad darker and more purple. The bottom picture is standing in the door way with the sun on the bottle. It isn't direct sunlight because the sunlight was too blinding for my poor camera but you can see the color change a bit. You can see the shimmer and flakies in both pictures. Those babies never hide.

The application for this polish was great. Nice and smooth and flowed evenly with no problems. I used two coats but probably could have gotten away with a perfect mani in one coat had I used a thicker first coat.

These first two pictures were in the morning sunlight. The polish is super shiny and I love how the gold shimmer and flakies play in the sun.

This next picture is in the shade and you can see how the polish is a little darker.

I also took a picture in my office light just because I always do. I really like this color its a pretty berry. It kinda makes me want a raspberry flavored hard candy though. I think I am getting hungry.

This morning I stopped by Sally to see what was going on there. I shouldn't have wasted my time because that store is usually lacking anything good. They did not have the Orly Precious collection out at all and had a Tronica display half filled with random polishes and Tronica polishes in the regular rack. The Finger Paints display was also half filled with randoms except one Carnation Creation that had a yellow ring taped to it. So sad. I figured I would run into the grocery store that was right next door, even though I hate that store, because I needed bananas. It turned out to be the saving aspect of the trip because I found a CoverGirl Boundless Color in Pink Twinkle. Score! I love flakies!  

That's all for now :)

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