Monday, March 21, 2011

CND Night Factory Duo

I remember awhile back I was researching nail polishes and ran across the company Creative Nail Design. I don't know how far back this was but it was when they had the old bottle shape and I actually had a Trade Secret in the local mall. I ran out and picked up a couple to try them out and actually kept them through my major purge but they are not colors I am in love with. Through the nail board I discovered their Effects polishes and figured I needed to try them out again.

I fell in love with the Night Factory Duo online when I saw it but never pulled the trigger on it. I had finally decided I was going to make an order however just my luck it was no longer in stock. I searched the internet and found a site that had it for a great price and jumped on it. I am so happy I did because I love it! It is also out of stock on that site too so I was lucky to get it when it was out. The duo comes with a bottle of color in Urban Oasis and a bottle of effect in Teal Sparkle.

Urban Oasis is a gorgeous deep teal color that I absolutely love. I am into cremes at the moment and this one does not disappoint. It applied so smooth and talk about full coverage. I could have gotten away with one coat! I actually did two coats because I wanted to make sure everything was even and I am just not used to using one coat.

These were taken inside obviously. The lighting isn't great but the teal is definitely a darker shade.

So shiny too! This is without top coat and the lights were just shinning off it.

Such a pretty color! I almost left it without the Teal Sparkle but I had heard so much about the effects I couldn't wait to try it.

I love how the bottles stand together, they were made for each other. Aww. Yes, I am fully aware I am a dork!

Teal Sparkle is so pretty in the bottle.

I took one in full sunlight in the car. I used one coat of Teal Sparkle over Urban Oasis.

This looks amazing! I love the sparkle it adds. I keep staring at my nails and trying to catch the light. I am not getting a whole lot of work done here.

My hand looks strange in this picture. I liked it because my pinky is in the shadow and my index finger is reflecting the light so you get to see the polish in different lighting all on one hand.

This is definitely an awesome little duo and I am so glad I was able to get it. I want to try Teal Sparkle over other colors and see what happens. I am even contemplating keeping this one for an extra day it is so pretty. I also was sent the Red Hot duo when my first Night Factory arrived broken. I am not big on reds but I am very impressed with CND polishes so I am now looking forward to trying it out. I foresee several CND polishes in my future.

That's all for now :)


  1. I got really lucky. I am always on the lookout for another set if I see one I will def let you know :)


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