Tuesday, March 22, 2011

From the archives

Today I have a mani from days past! Back when Essie first came out in Walmart and various Drug Stores I had stalked Walmart for awhile until they appeared. I remember the first time I saw the display I just stood and looked. My bf insisted that I not buy any and I grumpily left empty handed.

He went back the next day and picked up Dive Bar and Coat Azure for me because those are the two I was looking for. He was so funny because he surprised me at work with them and the story of how he had to fight an old lady for the last Dive Bar. Apparently there was one left and they were both reaching for it at the same time but he got there first. He said she was saying something to him about it but because she was speaking Spanish he had no clue. He told her he was buying it and walked away. Apparently she was NOT happy.

I just liked the way this picture came out even though you can barely see the color of Dive Bar.

For some reason the pictures saved really small so they are a little fuzzy when I enlarge them.

I did a shredded tape mani with these two colors. It looked so pretty. You can see how pretty Dive Bar is in the bottle.

Ah, back when the nails were longer...

That's all for now :)

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