Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nails, Chocolates and a haul

Sunday, Sunday, why can't it be Saturday? I do not want to go to work tomorrow. Yesterday's epic 12 hour (most of it in the car) day was quite tiring. I could use another day off or six.

My nail polish of yesterday chipped and peeled so last night around midnight (when I finally got back home) I decided to do a quick mani. I gave the boy a few polish names but no description and he picked Marley so that's what I went with. It was really late and I was exhausted so the application was not up to par. You will see that for yourself in the pictures. Zoya Marley is a very pretty pale lavender that will look gray or silver in some lighting. It has a subtle pearly finish and is such a nice spring Easter like color.

I took some quick pictures in the car while I was out this afternoon before the sun went down. It looks very pale in the top picture. I didn't take bottle and label pictures for this one. I will do that next time.

Marley can look more purple and creme like in the shade.

She can also look more gray purple.

She is a very pretty color. The last color was taken inside with flash.

I had a last minute birthday bouquet to make Friday night and put together Saturday morning before the epic car day. It was simple with mostly balloons but I thought it looked very cute.

On the way home I got the chance to stop at Ulta and check out the clearance. It was wonderful to me yesterday. I was able to snag these two Essie crystal files (mini ones) for $2.99 each. I just picked up the Swissco one because I didn't want to pay $10 for the Essie or $11 something for the other brand. I was pretty excited to get these! I also picked up Piggy Polish Teal Me About It, Ulta LE Famme Fatale, Orly Hawaiian Punch (for some reason I think I already have this one), Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Golden Child, Essie Lady Godiva and Ulta Professional Green with Envy. It was a nice little haul. I didn't have a chance to stop anywhere else but I am very happy with what I was able to get at Ulta. I was hoping to miraculously find the Katy Perry collection there but the only one they had left was the Blue Glitter which I wasn't interested in. That Ulta is rather odd though, they still have the Barielle holiday display up at regular price and some other older collections.


  1. Did someone say chocolate!? That's the only reason I clicked on the post, lol!

    Actually, I just put on Marley and took it immediately off. I love the color, but the application was so horrid I was distraught. Mine was all thick and goopy. Ugh, I hate goopy cremes; I'll have to try thinning it.

    Nice haul, I love Ulta clearance :)

  2. Lol yes Chocolate would grab my attention any day lol

    I was having some issue with the application but I was so dead tired I figured it was just me. I am going to have to try it again when I am more awake.I wasn't happy with two coats but I was too tired to care. Hopefully thinner will make yours better. She is a pretty color.

    Ulta clearance is THE BEST!


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