Friday, March 18, 2011

Boys can be so sweet

The other day my boyfriend showed up at work to bring me a coffee. He brought these two new friends along as well. They were a thank you for putting up with me while I Am a big whiny baby with a bad cold. It was so very cute of him. I was quite excited and about jumped through the window (he was still sitting in the car)!

I had been eyeing the glitter one for awhile. Every time we would go to Target I would look at it. I am not real sure about the cloudiness of the clear base though. It is milky looking. Unfortunately he isn't really aware that people will use nail polish and put it back and he picked up the bottle that was used. The neck is all crusty with polish and as you can see there is a bit missing. I was quite annoyed with that (not at him of course) and contemplating returning it. I have a thing with buying polish that has been used much less used THIS much. I think it is just a thing with paying full price for something that is not new yet is being sold as new. I just bought a bunch of polish from a blog sale and I swap all the time and that used doesn't bother me at all. I know it is used and I am paying or swapping for something used. This however should be new and unused and clearly is not. In the end I decided not to return it because as my boyfriend said I will never use the whole bottle anyway.

Sorry I had to rant a little about the whole using nail polish and not buying it. It is a pet peeve. When I asked the boy if he liked the glitter he said not really. He actually said it looks like sperm! I had to laugh because I saw on another blog the same reference used for the new Deborah Lippman polish. Apparently that is what these companies are going for this spring.

That's all for now :)


  1. Ugh that drives me crazy too! I picked up a bottle of polish at Walgreen's today and it literally had dried polish all down the side of the bottle- who does that?! I don't understand how some people can open polish, paint a nail, and put it back. First, that's totally unsanitary, and second it's basically shoplifting! It drives me nuts. Especially when i'm in a hurry and the polish looks new, is full, but i get it home and it's crusty on the top inside! Major polish pet peeve!

  2. I agree 100%! Do you ever say anything to people when you see them do this?


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