Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More shatter

Since everyone is all about crack these days I like to try the crackle (or shatter) over my mani before I take it off. I wanted to see if my gradient mani would look cool under the Black Shatter or if it would look odd because the nail is not all one color. So I tried it. I wore it for the day before taking these pictures. Since I spent the entire day making chocolates I have to apologize for the state of my hands. I think there is actually chocolate on them in one of the pictures and a couple of my fingers were dyed blue when I was coloring the chocolate. BUT at least you can see Shatter over a gradient hehe.

I am working on watermarking my photos. I was advised that I should probably start doing it now because many bloggers have their pictures stolen. I don't think these early pictures are even good enough to be stolen lol but I figured I mind as well get into the habit. I am still working on this though so any ideas or tips are appreciated.

The gradient actually looked pretty nice under Shatter because you could see both colors. I didn't anticipate it looking that good.

And since I was talking about chocolate a couple of pictures of sailboats lol. They were on the new mold I was using so I figured I would make a sample of them.

That's all for now :)

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