Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dollar Tree prism

 Friday night I decided to organize and put all of my polishes on a spreadsheet while the boys played video games. My nail polish area was a complete disaster and I figured I would still be hanging out with them while cleaning. Well four hours later it was 2am and I had cataloged all the polish and did a mani while the boys took over the world or whatever they were playing. I was shocked to get the final count on my polishes. 370! WOW! How did they multiply like that? No wonder 7 plastic shoe boxes are overflowing. I think it is definitely time to look into alternate storage.

I have so many untrieds and it was already after 1am so I decided to use to pick my next polish. It picked #270 Which is Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Purple Diamond. I picked this up in North Florida at the Dollar Tree. I didn't want to use it alone so I picked out another untried Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro Black Satin to use under it. I picked it up at Target on clearance. I wasn't sure how it would look but at 1:30 I was feeling adventurous.

I started with one coat of Black Satin. I was not prepared for the huge brush on this one since I don't have any other Rimmel polishes. It is quite wide and I think it made application a pain in the booty. The polish was a one coater but the brush made my life difficult. I then put a coat of Purple Diamond on top. I used a thick coat but apparently the lighting in my room isn't that great because when I looked at it the next morning I could see streaks and unevenness. I thought one coat would be enough but I should have gone with two.

You can see I also had a little cleanup issue on my middle finger. I think the brush got a little too enthusiastic about cleaning up that nail.

In  the light you can see the prisim-ness of this polish. It is actually really pretty but my camera didn't want to cooperate.

You can see it a little better in these two pictures but not much. My bf asked me why I was taking pictures of my hand while I should be driving. For the record we were at a red light. Usually I just take the pictures when I am parked in front of work or my house but this light was one of those lights to leave a shopping center parking lot and was taking FOREVER.

I ordered my BOGO Zoya polishes Monday and on Tuesday used my bf's account (he had gotten me one of the promotions once as a surprise) to order a couple for my friend in Holland who can't take part in the Zoya promotions any other way. She picked out Breezi and Phoebe. I was surprised when her two polishes arrived yesterday but I am assuming since it was a smaller order it was easier for them to get out. I expect mine to arrive next week.

They are very pretty and I was dying to try them out. I can't wait for the ones I ordered to come in.

Yikes that will push my collection closer to 400.

That's all for now :)

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