Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Will you breathe for me?

Still sick, day 562 million! Ok, it isn't that bad but it isn't fun. It is pretty bad when my boss pointed out shortly after I arrived that I actually sound like I am getting worse. I told him I feel like it too. I have spent most of the day sneezing, coughing and coughing and sneezing. I am on my last cough drop too :(  this could be disaster. He asked if I wanted to go home earlier but I declined because the bf was bringing me cold medicine. I might take him up on it now because medicine is not working!

This is what the cute one brought me:

He gave me Sally Hansen HD Resolution to cheer me up. So sweet.

I took two pictures, in real life you could see the flash of green stronger than in the pictures.

He is spoiling me. I hope the polish works better than the medicine because the medicine has done nothing for me! I know, I only took one dose but I am still hacking up a lung and despite it's non drowsy claims I am feeling more tired than I was before.

I am going to pull a few pictures out of the archives for a mani post because I am still sporting the CND Night Factory duo. I had a ton of baby shower chocolates to make last night and between that and feeling like death I just didn't do my nails. I even have a nice chip in the index finger that I am ignoring. You know I am sick when I ignore a chip!

That's all for now :)

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