Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Short Rave about Customer Service

I had to make a short post raving about the customer service I received yesterday. Last week I realized that the CND Night Factory duo was no longer on Transdesign. I had been wanting this duo since I first saw it and even more so when I saw swatches of it. I had this stupid idea in my head that when I lost 10lbs I would make an order for the China Glaze Anchors Away collection and I would order it then. My order kept being put off and every day I would Site Shop (filling my cart with what I wanted and then leaving the site without buying anything) and it would go in my cart. Thursday I went to put it in my cart and it was GONE! I think I literally gasped. I searched online and found a little site called GoIndulge. They have CND products including Night Factory duo, the Red Hot duo and the Silver and Gold effects duo (the name escapes me at the moment). The Look duo is $9.00 there which was a great price so I jumped on it.

I showed you all in a prior post that the poor polish did not make it to me in one piece which was even more upsetting than finding out I couldn't order it on Transdesign anymore. I immediately called but got a recording so I emailed. The polish was smelling up the whole house so I called again yesterday morning and got the same recording. I hadn't received an answer to my email by 1pm and started to get a little nervous that perhaps this was not such a legit site. I called again and got the friendliest customer service I have gotten in a long time. She was so awesome and apologetic. There was absolutely no hassle, no issues and I was thrilled with the call. She told me to ditch the broken stuff immediately so we didn't have to smell it anymore and there was no need to bother sending it back. She also is sending me out a new package. She was so nice and funny and I can't rave enough about the customer service.

I ended up posting about it on the nail board because someone else was also looking for the duo and they ordered as well. It seems the packaging from CND was the real culprit in the mishap and perhaps the post office's handling of the box. The bottles had nothing to protect them from each other but otherwise the package was packed well. I can't wait until the new ones get here and of course I will post them when they do. For now though I just want to say THANK YOU GoIndulge for the wonderful customer service!

That's all for now :)

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