Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shoeless in the Sunshine of Summertime

Yesterday I got home from work to two great packages. I was so excited because I knew one was my Zoya BOGO polishes but the other I wasn't sure what it was. It ended up being my free Essie polish from Toms!

The shoe brand Toms had a thing going awhile back where if you signed up for their facebook page they would send you a free bottle of Essie polish to promote their One Day Without Shoes event. They are trying to raise awareness of the impact of a pair of shoes for millions of children in developing countries. Toms donates shoes to these children world wide and their One Day Without Shoes event is a way to get the word out on the good they are doing. I was one of the lucky ones to receive the free polish and am currently sporting it on my toes (even though they ARE in shoes today). April 5th is the day for going without shoes and I think I will go to work without shoes wearing my One Day Without Blues polish on my toes. For more information you can go to the website One Day Without Shoes.

The Essie polish is actually Coat Azure with a custom One Day Without Blues label on the bottom. I love this polish and color!

Here is One Day without Blues on the left and Coat Azure on the right. They are twins.

And the little card that came with the polish.

I hate shoes so I will leave them off with pleasure!

Now for the Zoyas. I only bought two of the Sunshine polishes. Tanzy and Apple were the two that stood out most. Of course when I got the plate with my order I realized the others are so pretty as well and I probably could have bought a few more. The thing I love about Zoya is they won't disappear so I will have a chance to get them later. This combination will come in handy for UM football season.

I HAD to get all of the Mod Mattes Lolly, Mitzi and Phoebe. I love Matte, I love Zoya Matte and I have a thing for neons. I also like the frosted bottles.

Then the three cremes from the Summertime collection. These little brats would not photo well so the color is a little off. They are Kieko, Breezi and Mira. Mira reminds me of OPI Funky Dunky which is a lemming I have yet to get my paws on.

I put these babies on my spreadsheet so here's to hoping random.org calls their number soon.

That's all for now :)

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