Monday, February 28, 2011

Milani Dressmaker

Today I have pictures of Milani Dressmaker. I received this one in a swap with a wonderful Nail Boarder. This polish makes me want to eat a lot of mint, preferably chocolate and mint! It has a beautiful shimmer which my poor photography skills do not show. I have to get better with those skills or get a better camera. I am looking into both.
I had a great idea to try out the Hello Kitty Image plate from BornPrettyStore that was given to me as an extra in the swap. My vision was this beautiful mint green stamped with Hello Kitty who I would probably stamp in black then fill in her white and pink bow. Unfortunately I was either way too tired or the plate was way too uncooperative but I could not get her stamped in her entirety. I don't know if she is a ridiculously finicky feline or not because I gave up after about 20 attempts. I could either get the top half of her or just a tiny bit but never the entire design. I was quite annoyed by this point and decided on another design from one of my Shany plates. That design didn't want to cooperate either so I picked this fern like leafy design. WELL let me just tell you it was not a good night for stamping because as you can see in the pictures this one wasn't working well either. I was having a lot of trouble getting the entire image stamped. I ended up with my left hand stamped and gave up after my pinky finger on my right hand. I was using Catrice Run Forest Run for the stamping. The Pink on my ring finger was an Ulta color I had gotten on clearance but I have to check for the name.

The polish applied very streaky for me. You can see on the ring finger especially that I had some issues with streaking. This is what I got with three coats. I am not above doing three coats of polish but I get pretty impatient and doing another one wasn't going to happen. I left the streaks and intended on trying to cover it with the stamping but then that fiasco happened and I just gave up.

At least the stamping hides the streaks better on this hand.

This polish is a supposed to be a dupe for Chanel Jade. I only own one Chanel polish and that is because my cousin handed it down to me so I am not sure if it is a true dupe but they look pretty close. I have no problem spending money on good polish but I will not spend THAT much money on ANY polish. It would have to sing and dance and do my taxes if I was to ever pay that much for a single bottle of polish. And here I used to think OPI was pricey. I am somewhat the opposite of a brand snob. I will actually refuse to buy something like that because of the brand and the cost. I may miss out on the real Jade (I have only seen it in pictures) but I can buy even more polish when I buy the dupe instead.

That's all for now :)

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