Thursday, February 24, 2011

Franken FAIL!

Yesterday morning I stopped by a little dusty type beauty supply place that I went to years ago when I was in high school. They used to have the biggest selection of cheap nail polish in every color and type known to man, or more accurately to me. About a month or so ago I had looked up online where to locally buy some Konad stuff and found they were on the list and made a bee line over there. I was happy to see that in the past 10+ years that I haven't been there they have gotten even more stuff. I couldn't help but pick up a few things when a Franken idea hit me.

As soon as I saw these hearts...
And these flake pieces ...
And Orly Fifty Four it was on!

I have Stars that are similar to the hearts that I tried using by placing them on top of nail polish then covering with top coat. That worked well enough but they are so rigid and stuck up so much that they would catch on things and started to lift. They didn't last very long so I figured that putting them IN the nail polish might soften them a little and make them friendlier. Unfortunately not so much.

As you can see I took the picture of Fifty Four after I poured some into another bottle for frankening. I added the hearts and flake things with high hopes. I know Fifty Four is so sheer I had planned on adding some pink to it to darken the base a little but I was at work and everything else is at home. This is what it looked like soon after the mixing.

Its hard to see but the flake things and the hearts and the shimmer oh my. I was excited already. Unfortunately that lasted all of an hour. When I checked on the polish I noticed the hearts and flakes started to loose their color. Some of them were faded out and others were completely iridescently clear. NOT GOOD! The color of the polish was a little darker though. I checked on it later and the situation was worsening. I figured ok, clear hearts are cool and the flakes can be clear no problem. UM...PROBLEM! When I attempted to put some on the nail the hearts crumpled in a gooey mess. The polish didn't just discolor the hearts it melted them. As my son would say EPIC FAIL!

You can see some of the clear hearts in the top picture. It looks really pretty but only in the bottle. In my mind it was beautiful though. The funny part about the whole thing is I don't really like pink, at all, but I was very excited about this.

On a happier note this is the rest of the mini haul:

 Cute little flowers
 Oh I saw this on the back of the rack but imagine all the gold sitting at the bottom of the bottle. I was curious so I picked it up and shook it and OH MY
 Look at all the glittery goodness! I love it!
 I bought this for myself last time I was there and picked this one up for a friend. Pretty purple hearts.
Got two of these for frankens. Unfortunately it has all that writing on the bottle which annoys me. I must figure out how to get it off!
 I felt like I was leaving a liquor store when they put it in a little brown bag!
Better than Captain Morgan by far!

Thats all for now :)


  1. Great job Julie! If I give you ten years of my 'interesting' life, would you give me some glittery golden goodness in exchange;)LOL the paperbag!!!

  2. I loved the paperbag! Oh yes you definitely need the glittery golden goodness :)


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