Monday, February 28, 2011

Essence Metallics Iron Goddess

Happy Monday! I do not want to be back to work today. It was a long weekend jam packed with long hours and lots of excitement and those weekends always leave me feeling like I didn't have any down time. Is it Friday yet? hehe.

Over the weekend I was so busy I didn't have a chance to actually do my nails until late Saturday night. I was so exhausted and falling asleep but wanted to do something neat for Sunday's competition. The coolest thing I could think of to do was to try the Essence Metallics that I received in a swap from my friend in Holland. I had not tried this polish before as a full mani but I did get so excited to have them that I had done a couple nails to see how it worked.

I was so excited about the cool magnetic polish I made my brother let me try it on him (I already had my nails done but didn't want to play). My brother is easy like that and lets me try my polish on him unlike others of the male species who shall remain nameless *cough cough* my boyfriend *cough cough*. So as I am showing my brother and doing it completely wrong because I wasn't holding the manet close enough he comes up with the brilliant idea to get his super power magnet. Now, I have no idea why anyone would need to own a super power magnet but my brother would be the one who owns one. He grabs his magnet and I paint a nail and when he holds the magnet over the nail nothing happens. There was no pattern, nothing changed except a couple of bald spots appeared in the polish. We tried another nail and got the same result. I was completely baffled until he looked at his super magnet and realized the magnet was so strong that it pulled out all the magnetic particles from the polish on the nail. They were all stuck to his super magnet now and the nail was left with sploches. Then he couldn't get the particles off the magnet. That was my first experience with the magnetic nail polish.

This time I decided to use the magnet that came with it and though it took a couple of attempts I think I finally got the hang of it. All my nails look different and you will actually get to see both hands so I can show the different effects that I was able to make. The polish has great coverage and I used one coat on the thicker side. The polish was great, no streaks no problems. I used my usual basecoat routine but had to do the metallic polish one finger at a time. It dries and becomes uncooperative very quickly so speed needs to be on your side for this one.

I did my left hand first starting with my pinky. I actually had to do two coats on my pinky because I was not fast enough (it was the first nail I did) and it barely showed a pattern. I placed the magnet diagnoally over the nail for a few seconds to create the pattern. There are a couple nails like my middle finger where I actually held the magnet too close and touched the polish which of course caused a dent. I followed up with a coat of Seche Vite.

By the time I got to my right hand I got the hang of it a little more. I think I actually messed up my right hand more by touching the magnet to the polish more times. I redid three nails because I touched the magnet to it and messed up the polish so bad. Even trying the pinky twice I still did not do it right and there is barely a pattern on it. The one thing I did notice with my right hand was the longer you hover the magnet over the polish the darker the pattern becomes. I also noticed that whatever lighting/flash situation this picture was taken in gave me super lobster hands. I have no idea why they look like it but they really aren't that color in real life.

The Essence Magnetic polishes are really fun and give such a cool look to your nails. Essence is coming out with 5 new magnetic polishes and what looks to be a new magnet. I have read a lot of complaints about the magnet that was out with these polishes. I didn't notice too much of a problem with it other than the sides of some of my nails did not get much of a pattern. I think it has to do with the curve of your nails but I don't have any other magnetic polishes to compare magents. I love this polish and intend on trying one of the other two next. I can't wait to see the new ones.

Thats all for now :)

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