Thursday, February 24, 2011

Catrice Run Forest Run

I received this polish in a swap from a MUAer and friend in Holland. Since Catrice is a foreign brand and sadly one I had not heard of until the Nail Board I had never tried it. She sent me a few of their polishes and I am so happy she did because they are awesome! They apply very smoothly and the color and shine is amazing.

Run Forest Run is a deep green that looks so creamy and dreamy on the nail. I kept looking at it while I sat at my keyboard typing.

In the direct sun. It was so bright and the reflections on the polish made me think there were some issues with my application when I saw the macroness of these pictures. Most of it is just reflection I think.
Partial sun
In the shade. It is so dark and pretty in the shade. More reflections making me think my skills are even worse then they already are.

It covered great and the only flaws you may see in the polish are from my application skills and not the polish itself. My Seche Vite top coat was a little thick and instead of thinning it I used it anyway so I got two bubbles that I know of, duh for me.

I was too lazy to completely change my polish and I had gotten an idea for an Irish/Celtic theme during the day so I wanted to attempt some nail art over this green. Did I mention I love the color? Unfortunately I couldn't find what I wanted in the way of designs and it was too late to do too much experiementing so I came up with this. I used Milani 3D Holographic in 3D for the fauxnad design. Unfortunately I got a small break/chip on my index finger before I was able to take the pictures.

Three fingers is better than none though. I am sure the neigbors think I am weird since I am always taking pictures on my steering wheel.

Thats all for now :)

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