Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More Olympic Nails

Hey Everyone! I have another Olympics inspired mani for you. I should probably just call these USA inspired because there is no Olympic art on them. I am working on something for that though. I am in a fairly bad mood today after paying over $600 for car repairs and such so I will keep this short. I am getting this posted BEFORE I get home and glued to the games because today I am smart lol.

I used one coat of my Red, White and Blue polish creation over my silver holo glitter fade mani.

I then took rectangular nail gems and put them on my ring finger. Honestly I think they look more like police car lights than anything else. I kinda love them though.

This one is blurry but it shows one of  the stars.

I kind of don't want to take this off.

I had to take a picture with my army of fuzz balls.

I am super excited that tonight is the women's gymnastics and of course more swimming.

That's all for now. :)


  1. What's the story with the fuzz balls? Did I miss that?

    1. Haha no you didn't miss it. I hadn't posted pictures of them yet. I made them as something goofy and cute for a friend's birthday package (she hasn't gotten it yet lol) and then I made 7 of them. I need to get more fuzzy yarn and make more because my son LOVES them.

    2. Yes I did! lol thanks. I need to get more yarn so I can make a bunch of them. I am quite anxious to see what my cousin's little girls thought of them lol


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