Friday, July 27, 2012

Piggy Polish Create

Hey Everyone! It has been a hectic couple of days. My son went on a trip out of state with his dad. I have been worrying like a worry wart since. Too much stress, I think I need a vacation now! Yesterday was my mom's birthday so we had dinner and cake to celebrate. I had enough time to edit the pictures but not to do the post but today I am ready for you! I am quite excited about the Olympics starting. I am  going to have some Olympic inspired manis coming up soon. I totally forgot/didn't think about doing my nails with my planned mani for the start of the Olympics. Duh! I will probably redo them tonight as I am watching them. I get very excited for the Olympics. In 1992 I stayed up till almost 3am (if not later) every night to watch the extended late night coverage. Due to the time difference I thought I would miss all the good stuff if I didn't watch late night. Luckily it was summer vacation. I was so addicted I would watch anything they put on.

So today I have a polish that was sent to me by the LOVELY awesome Karen over at Frazzle and Aniploish. The link will actually take you to her post on this polish. I got a surprise package in the mail and turns out she sent me this baby to see if I could get it to work any better than she was able to. If you don't follow Karen's blog you should, NOW, go ahead, I will wait! She is awesome and has contributed to over 50% of my lemming list with her awesome swatches. I love her but my wallet is not too fond of her blog.

Today I have for you Piggy Polish's version of magnetic polish.

Piggy Polish Magnetic Polish in Create. This one is a interesting burgundy shimmery color. The bottle picture is very accurate in color. The flash in the pictures below make it appear a little brighter than it really is. It was hard to find a balance between getting the magnetic design to show up and getting the color correct. I am going to get a new camera someday I promise.

In my last posting on magnetic polishes I mentioned grabbing up a set of the Magneto magnet wands by Gelish. These were produced to be used with the Gelish gel magnetic polishes but there was a star magnet so I HAD to buy it. It was a must. Since I knew that Karen had issues with the Piggy Polish magnet I decided I would also try a Gelish magnet to see if it was the magnet or the polish causing problems.

Here are the magnets side by side. the one on the left is the magnet that came with the Piggy Polish. It has a shorter arm and is a square magnet. It is a lot heavier too. The one on the right is the Gelish magnet. I had gotten some polish on the label so I tried to remove it. Another DUH for me because it took the color of some of the label off. Sometimes I need to be smacked with a shoe.

I couldn't wait to play with this polish so I used it almost immediately. I have little patience when I am so excited about something. I had wanted to try one of these polishes but when I was at Ulta I was in a highly aggravated mood and didn't feel like messing with anything and ended up not picking one up. I was really excited that Karen so sweetly sent this to me!

On each hand I used the Piggy Polish magnet on my thumb, index and middle finger. I used the Gelish magnet on my ring and thumb finger. I held the magnet so close that it was almost touching the polish. In some cases I did accidentally touch the polish. I held it there for about 30 seconds give or take seeing as I was actually counting to thirty.

As you can see on this hand the index finger barely showed a pattern at all. The middle finger has a hint of a pattern whereas the ring and pinkie fingers have much more of a pronounced pattern. I waited a bit before putting top coat on my right hand to see if that would help keep the pattern strong after putting the top coat on my left hand sooner and noticing the pattern was not as strong.

Honestly it didn't seem to make much difference. It actually seemed that putting any top coat at any time on this polish faded the pattern a little. You can see where I accidentally bumped the magnet on my pinkie finger. I tried to fix it by adding a second coat and doing the magnet again but it didn't help much and I bumped it again. I decided to just leave it alone at that point.

The light outside made the color look strange in the outdoor pictures.

I love my Piggy Polish polishes but this one was definitely not a winner. Karen and I both had issues with the polish and the design showing up and fading. The color is nice but I am not buying a magnetic polish for just the color but rather for the color AND magnetic properties. This polish seems to be lacking in the magnetic spectrum.

The thing that truly baffled me was I got this design on my thumb with the Piggy Polish magnet. It was the best result with the PP magnet but I couldn't get that result consistently. After using two different magnets on this polish I can't say with 100% confidence that it is the magnet that is causing the issues. I need to test the magnet with another magnetic polish to see if it works well with others. I can say that I got a better design out of the Gelish magnet. I don't know if it is a combination of the polish and a weaker magnet or the polish itself but this is not one of the better magnetic polishes I have tried.

Just for Karen as a huge Thank You I have a couple of pictures of Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior "playing" with Neil.

Bruce says HI Neil! Neil LOVES Bruce! He does! He always looks for him and wants to play with him. He also admires his super cool AC DC shirt.

As Neil is trying to say Hi back to Bruce Bruce decides it is time to go for the neck and knock Neil over. It is pretty much usually how it goes if we let Bruce near Neil. Neil will try and play and Bruce jumps right on him. We keep Neil in a BIG dog crate in the living room and he has his toys and bed in there. Neil will be sleeping him his bed and Bruce runs up, sticks his arm in the cage and smacks Neil waking him up. Then he runs. Neil never knows what hit him.

That's all for now :)


  1. OMG the kitty pictures--I am dying of the cute! Thank you! I love Mr. Bruce but do hope he starts being nicer to Mr. Neil--poor little guy looks so confused.

    As for the polish, I feel like I should have sent something decent along with this one make up for the hassle with it non-magnety ways. :) I was hoping it would work better for you, but I admit I'm glad to know it wasn't me not able to make it behave!

    1. I knew you would LOVE the kitty pictures! Yes, Mr. Bruce is constantly being told to BE NICE HE IS A BABY! He doesn't seem to care though. Sometimes he will walk up and just lick Neil. I don't think he hates him I think he just plays really rough or at least I hope that is the case. Mr. Neil is confused mostly though I will say he does smack Bruce around. He is like the little brother that runs up and hits the older sibling then cries for mom when the older one hits back.

      LOL Getting this one was awesome enough! I had really wanted to try it so it was way cool. I kinda feel better knowing it didn't work for either of us too. I still have to check that magnet but I am pretty sure they just didn't make the polish strong enough.

  2. Neil!!! Bruce!!! (It's like Lady and Jack - so funny aren't they? Sibling admiration.)

    As for the magnets, I love my ancient L'Oreal and so far, the Orly has been the best new one. I wish they would do more patterns! xo - T

    1. Aww I love Lady and Jack!!! They are incredibly funny. Neil gets all crazy and tries to play with Bruce then Bruce beats him up. Poor baby. I always worry someone is going to end up hurt.

      Hmmm,I haven't tried Orly yet, I might have to look into getting one and giving it a try. I WISH I had the ancient L'Oreal magnets.

  3. Oh, fuzzies! Neil is so big!

    1. HE IS! I always try to take pictures but it is really hard because he moves around so much it is usually very blurry. He looks less Ewok now but he is still super cute.


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